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The 10 Best Marketing Coordinator Jobs

A marketing coordinator’s job description varies from organization to organization. Generally, a marketing coordinator is responsible to coordinate different projects and marketing activities. It is all about coordination.

If you’re interested in marketing coordinator job, there are a lot of different jobs available to choose from. Marketing coordination takes different forms and you’ll be able to apply on a wide range of coordination jobs within the marketing industry.

For instance, a content marketing coordinator’s job is different than a PR marketing coordinator. It mostly depends on the marketing department you’re working with and your organization.

But first, let’s figure out what a marketing coordination job is all about.

What Does a Marketing Coordinator Do?

The primary job of a marketing coordinator is to coordinate. This includes supporting the development and implementation of the marketing strategy. You’ll work closely with senior management (marketing assistants and CMO) and act as a bridge between senior management and employees.

Here are some of the tasks that you’ll have to perform as a marketing coordinator:

  1. Develop and implement the marketing strategy
  2. Communicate and collaborate with marketing teams
  3. Prepare marketing reports
  4. Arrange official and unofficial events
  5. Support senior management with their daily tasks
  6. Guide marketing teams and employees
  7. Plan and schedule meetings
  8. Work with different marketing teams to ensure they’re working as per plan
marketing coordinator responsibilities

Does this sound something you are ready to do? Can you do all of these and other related tasks? Are you interested in working as a marketing coordinator?

If so, choose one of the marketing coordinator jobs from the list below and start applying for the relevant positions.

1. Social Media Marketing Coordinator

This is the best marketing coordinator job that you can get. Social marketing is all over the internet — all types of businesses across multiple industries are actively involved in it. And that’s where you fit.

As a social media marketing coordinator (or social media coordinator), you’ll be responsible to manage social media strategy, work with the social media marketing team, and assist marketing manager and director with daily tasks.

More than 2000 jobs social media marketing coordinator jobs were posted in the US on Indeed in the last 15 days. New jobs are posted on a daily basis.

social media marketing coordinator open jobs

According to Indeed’s data, the average salary of a social media coordinator in the US is $15.29 per hour. However, you might get paid low or high depending on your experience, location, and the company you’re working with.

social media marketing coordinator average salary

Here is a complete job post on social media coordinator from Indeed.

social media coordinator job description

Above all, check out job responsibilities, role, and requirements to better understand what to expect.

2. Digital Marketing Coordinator

If you have previous experience of working as a marketing coordinator, you should apply for digital marketing coordinator posts. This is a competitive and high-paying job with more responsibilities.

As a digital marketing coordinator, you’ll be looking after and coordinate the full digital marketing strategy of the company. You’ll get a chance to interact with multiple marketing teams such as social media marketing team, SEO, content marketing team, and others.

In addition, if you’re interested in growing fast in your career, the digital marketing coordinator is the best job for you.

When it comes to compensation, the average salary in the US is just over $61K per year. This is quite lucrative especially if you compare it with the social media coordinator’s salary.

digital marketing coordinator average salary

A well over 1500 digital marketing coordinator jobs were posted on Indeed in the US in the last 15 days.

digital marketing open jobs on indeed

Here is a recently posted job on Indeed.

The responsibilities are fairly broad and cover the company’s full digital marketing space. Also, you’ll work with the Director of Digital so you’ll get to learn a lot of new and interesting things.

In short, the digital marketing coordinator is a challenging job where you might have to work on weekends too. However, it is an ideal job if you have past experience and you don’t hesitate to work hard. Hence, if you feel ready, go ahead and find relevant jobs in your area.

3. Influencer Marketing Coordinator

This is a highly specialized marketing coordination job — it is a subset of social media marketing. Influencer marketing is normally handled by the social media team.

However, large businesses and marketing agencies hire influencer marketing coordinators to manage their campaigns more effectively.

The job goes with several names such as social influencer coordinator, PR and influencer coordinator, or community relations coordinator. The core purpose is to coordinate, assist, and manage influencer marketing campaigns.

You should have past experience with influencer marketing since it is a highly specialized job. This means that companies don’t hire fresh graduates for this post.

Furthermore, you’ll have to deal with competition because the jobs are very limited. Only 210 jobs were posted in the US in the last 15 days.

influencer marketing open jobs

The average salary is over $43K a year, according to Indeed. This is better than social media marketing coordinator salary.

influencer marketing coordinator average annual salary

A typical job post for influencer marketing coordinate looks like this:

influencer marketing typical job post

If you have worked as a social media coordinator or as a marketing coordinator, and now want to choose a specific field, influencer marketing coordination is your best bet. With a background in social media marketing, your chances of getting hired will increase significantly.

Additionally, influencer marketing is a rapidly growing marketing channel. Brands are pouring a lot of money on influencers so you have a lot of chances to grow and switch in the future.

4. Content Marketing Coordinator

Also known as content coordinator, it is another specialized marketing coordination job with a lot of growth potential. I’m sure you know the importance of content marketing.

A content marketing coordinator manages content marketing, works with the content marketing team, and assists senior management with strategizing and reporting. Since content marketing holds central importance, therefore, you’ll have to work with other marketing teams too such as SEO, social media, and others.

Around 2000 jobs were posted in the US in the last 15 days on Indeed. This shows that the number of open jobs is fairly enough and if you’re capable, getting a job won’t be an issue.

content marketing open jobs

The average salary is $15.29 per hour which is similar to the average salary of a social media coordinator.

content marketing coordinator average hourly salary

Here is one of the open content marketing coordinator job on Indeed:

content marketing coordinator job post example

As a content marketing coordinator, you’ll be actively involved in writing or editing. You should have a proven track record as a writer and should have a degree in journalism or English.

Not all companies ask their content coordinators to write content so it depends on who you work with. It could turn out to be a completely marketing-specific job or a specific-writing job. I’d recommend improving your writing skills if you intend to move forward in this career.

5. Marketing Proposal Coordinator

This is an interesting yet specialized job. It’s a subset of content marketing where you specifically plan, write, and manage marketing proposals.

Marketing proposal coordinators main job is to create or assist in creating marketing proposals, marketing material, and collateral. Your writing skills have to be top-notch and relevant. You’ll work closely with senior management with minimal interaction with marketing teams.

Not all businesses need a marketing proposal coordinator. Mostly agencies and B2B companies need proposal coordinators since they have to send proposals to get new clients. This is a reason why the number of jobs posted on Indeed US in the last 15 days is around 600.

marketing proposal coordinator open jobs on indeed

The average salary, according to Indeed US, is $43K a year.

marketing proposal coordinator average salary per year

The salary is fairly decent considering the fact that it’s a specialized job. If you happen to expand your skills and grow further, you can earn a lot. Businesses always need good proposals to win more contracts so they will pay you any amount if your proposals don’t get rejected.

Here is a full-time proposal coordinator entry level open job posted on SimplyHired. They’re paying way more than the average yearly salary. You can get paid up to $61K a year that’s a very decent salary.

Check the tools and apps they want you to learn. If you can use relevant tools, you can significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

6. Marketing Project Coordinator

Do you like working on one-off marketing projects? If so, the marketing project coordinator is a perfect job for you.

It is often used interchangeably with general marketing coordinator so read the job description carefully.

A marketing project coordinator work on different projects. Once a project is finished, you’ll work on the next marketing project with another team. You should have exceptional team management, communication, and people’s skill.

It’s a high demand job with over 4500 jobs posted in the last 15 days on Indeed US.

marketing project coordinator open jobs

The average yearly salary on Indeed US is $43K. Indeed mixes project coordination with general marketing coordination and thus shows the same average salary.

marketing project coordinator average salary

If you look at the following open job on SimplyHired, you’ll notice that HD Supply is offering a minimum of $60K per year.

Not bad, right?

You should have a degree in project management and a background in both project management as well as marketing. You’ll be mainly responsible to manage the marketing project and will ensure its timely completion.

7. Brand Marketing Coordinator

A brand marketing coordinator works with the brand manager and senior management. The tasks may vary and you might have to work with the social media marketing team or any other marketing team that’s running brand awareness and branding reputation campaigns.

The job is a perfect fit for those who are specifically interested in branding, positioning, and working with large businesses. Branding in small companies is managed by the social media and PR team.

There are a lot of open jobs available on Indeed US. Over 2000 jobs were posted in the last 15 days.

brand marketing coordinator open jobs

The average salary per hour on Indeed US is $15.29. This is equivalent to the average salary of a social media marketing coordinator.

brand marketing coordinator average salary per hour

Here is a great open job on Indeed that offers a lot of benefits and competitive salary:

brand marketing coordinator job post

There are no specific requirements as brand marketing coordinator is a dimension of social media marketing coordination. If you have worked as a social media marketer or PR specialist in the past, you can get this job easily.

8. CRM Coordinator

This is another specialized coordination job that’s a subcategory of email marketing. Though CRM isn’t all about email marketing but the majority of the CRM coordinator jobs posted on Indeed, SimplyHired, and other platforms focus on emails.

You’ll be, therefore, responsible for creating and managing email series. You’ll work closely with the CRM, sales, and marketing teams.

More than 1300 jobs were posted in the last 15 days on Indeed US and the average salary is $43K a year.

crm coordinator open jobs

Here is a CRM coordinator job posted by Fabletics:

crm coordinator job post

You can see it’s mostly about email marketing. Check out the skills and coding requirements and update your resume accordingly to excel in this field.

9. Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Most small businesses and startups hire a sales and marketing coordinator to manage both sales and marketing projects and teams. I personally love this job because you learn a lot from this post.

You’ll see and understand how sales and marketing work together, and how to integrate both. This is something that most marketers and sales experts struggle for their life.

If you get a chance to work as a sales and marketing coordinator, don’t miss it.

There are well over 4K jobs posted in the Indeed US in last 15 days with an average salary of $43K a year.

sales and marketing coordinator open jobs on indeed

Here is a job recently posted on Indeed US:

sales and marketing coordinator open job post

The requirements of the job aren’t too challenging as you’ll be mostly working with small to mid-sized companies. However, you should have a clear understanding of the basics of sales and marketing.

10. Senior Marketing Coordinator

If you have already worked as a marketing coordinator and have 1-2 years of experience, you should switch to senior marketing coordinator jobs.

Some small to mid-sized companies hire a senior marketing coordinator who works in the capacity of a marketing manager. Large companies need a senior marketing coordinator to manage multiple coordinators.

So your job description may vary depending on who you’re working for. In any case, you don’t have to do anything different as a senior marketing coordinator. If you get hired as a specialized senior coordinator (senior content marketing coordinator, senior influencer marketing coordinator, etc.), you’ll work in that capacity strictly.

Some 4K jobs were posted on Indeed US in the last 15 days.

senior marketing coordinator open jobs

The salary doesn’t change too much and is still $43K a year, according to Indeed.

This is because most of the businesses on Indeed consider senior marketing coordinator to be either same as marketing coordinator.

However, SimplyHired shows an average salary of $60K+ a year.

senior marketing coordinator average salary

Here is a senior coordinator job on Indeed:

senior marketing coordinator job post

You can see that it’s more of a specialized marketing coordinator job. They’re hiring an experienced marketer for the subject post.

You’ll surely get paid more if you have more experience.

Get Your Favorite Marketing Coordinator Job

Before you apply to one of these jobs, you need to ask yourself two things:

  1. What are your stronger marketing skills?
  2. Where you’d like to see yourself after 5 years?

Choose a relevant job title based on your destination. If you want to become a content marketing specialist, go for content marketing coordinator jobs.

Use your marketing coordinator job to reach your final destination.

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