• July 15, 2024

The Chicken or the egg? 🐣

Did the chicken come first or the egg? Hard to tell these days, especially when it comes to video and written content. With the advent of artificial intelligence, the way we create and think of content has transformed.

In the past, the writing process was a solitary and long journey: draft after draft, revisions on revisions.. if I could count how many Microsoft Word docs of drafts I used to have before the final draft could be published – thousands.. flooding my “Documents” folder.

But now, AI has rewritten this process entirely. We’re relying more and more on tools to help us with all parts of the content creation workflow.

It’s not just about writing first anymore; it’s about how swiftly an idea can be visualized and shared. Writing and brainstorming a blog isn’t always the initial and only first step anymore, marketers can easily take a video-first approach – and should take a video-first approach.

Idea to Video

The traditional boundaries of content creation are being redefined and Idea to Video exemplifies this shift, offering a faster, more efficient way to produce content. It’s an invitation to experience the future of creation. Try it out and share your thoughts. Will it revolutionize your workflow and save you time? Only one way to find out.

Source: Youtube

Idea to Video: A Content Creation Revolution

This tool not only streamlines the modern marketer’s creation process but also demonstrates its versatility between different content formats. With a minimum of three bullet points, a comprehensive video script is generated. Or even better, a blog like this one.

Here’s what my video to blog process looks like:

1. I start like I would with a video. Click “Outline an Idea” and start listing my main points as bullet points.

2. Let Script Composer generate a video script for me based on my bullet points.

3. For the blog, I adjust the time of the video script from 1min to 2min 30sec. This gives my blog a nice foundation – it even includes sub-headers for me!

I copy and paste all the contents into a writing document and start writing from there.

1. As for the video? Adjust the video script duration back to 1min to generate a new video script.

2. Make additional changes to the video script and pick a voice that suits the tone of the video

3. Our AI will then create a video based on your script blocks and generates recommended media.

You could finish there. But if you want to take it up a notch and personalize it further, switch out any media recommendations or scene designs to your liking and add some finishing touches.

And boom, a blog and video were both born! 👶🏼

No really, the egg? or the chicken?

And so, was it the chicken or the egg that came first? Was it the video or the written content? Or was it the multiple videos before the long-form written content? 10 years ago I could have easily said it was the blog that came first, but these days it’s hard to know which came first. It’s a complete reversal of the traditional content creation process and we as marketers have to change our content creation approach.