• April 23, 2024

So long to the days where you had to record your own voice for any video narration. With Lumen5’s new AI Voiceover feature, you can create a video that is both visually and audibly pleasing with just a matter of clicks. To me, that sounds like the perfect low effort, high reward solution in the world of video marketing, especially since voiceovers are able to take content to new heights.

Here’s how you can create a video in Lumen5 with a killer voiceover without wasting any time.

Step #1: Prepare Your First Draft

First, prepare your written content. A mantra of ours recently has been repurpose, repurpose, repurpose. Don’t let your blogs stay words on a page. Take an existing link to an article or paste-in written text to use for your other platforms. Our AI Script Composer will do its magic and compose a few video scripts for you to choose one.

Step #2: Greenlight Your Video

Now’s the time to think about your content’s ✨vibe ✨ Sometimes you get bored of the original and need a reboot (sometimes it ends up being better). Scroll through our Script Spin-Offs for some new ideas. You can get as specific as you want. Do you want your video to be bold, relaxed, or professional? We have quite the selection to choose from. And, how long a video are we thinking about? 30 seconds or 2 minutes? Our tone and duration tools always come in clutch.

Step #3: AI Voiceover Magic

It’s voiceover time ⭐️ With Lumen5, there are 40 voices to choose from, with a mix of different tones, styles and accents. Our partnership with ElevenLabs welcomes a new era of video creation, which encourages a new level of authenticity to storytelling. We want you to make content that literally speaks to your audience in every sense (if you need any more convincing, here’s 8 reasons why adding voiceover to your videos just makes sense). Add, remove, and edit your script as much as you’d like. You can also preview what your selected voice sounds like and pick-and-choose until you find the one that’s just right for your brand.

Step #4: Publish

In 3, 2, 1: Watch as Lumen5 converts your script into a video! If you’re familiar with Lumen5’s video editor, this should come as no surprise. Your generated video with AI Voiceover will appear here, alongside our transcript-based editor. Play around with overlays from our comprehensive media library and themed templates, or scroll through our music library to finalize the tone of your video, and viola! Time to publish.

If you need more in-depth instructions, read here for a deeper step-by-step process. With the exciting possibilities of AI Voiceover, let this be the start of leveraging visual, audio and your brand together to elevate your marketing strategy. Do more with your content on Lumen5! Sound familiar? 🤗👇