• July 15, 2024

Vancouver, BC 11/02/2023 – Lumen5, a pioneer in AI-powered video content creation, is excited to announce its new partnership with ElevenLabs. This collaboration ushers in a new era for the video creation experience, with 40 realistic human-like voices available for users to utilize when creating voiceover videos.

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Since 2017, Lumen5 has been at the forefront of innovation, committed to pushing the boundaries of video creation and AI. The new partnership with ElevenLabs signifies a giant leap forward, enriching the video creation experience by empowering users to create videos with human-like AI voices, bringing a new level of authenticity to their stories.

Chris Bowal, Head of AI at Lumen5, emphasizes the significance of AI and its transformative power: “AI has the potential to democratize video storytelling by making it accessible to everyone. AI Voiceovers enable all creators, regardless of equipment and technical skill, to effortlessly transform their ideas into engaging videos.”

Kaegan Donnelly, Head of Product at Lumen5, elaborates on the future direction of this partnership: “Partnering with ElevenLabs allows us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in video creation. It’s not just about lifelike AI voices, it’s about giving our users the ability to tell their stories in the most authentic way possible. This partnership is an essential step in fulfilling our mission to democratize video storytelling, expanding the creative possibilities for every Lumen5 creator.”

The possibilities are vast, ranging from converting written content into engaging video format to translating scripts into visual narratives and auto-synced video scene selection and recommendations. This partnership is dedicated to all creators, marketers, bloggers, and social media managers, with a strong focus on delivering top-quality voices in multiple languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, and more.

Mati Staniszewski, CEO of ElevenLabs, says: “Our collaboration with Lumen5 is all about simplifying video creation. By integrating human-like AI voices, we’re making strides towards a more intuitive and accessible platform for creators. Our partnership makes video creation a seamless endeavor for all.”

The future of video content creation is here, and it’s powered by the collaborative spirit of these two industry leaders. Lumen5 and ElevenLabs share a common commitment to continuous innovation, setting out to redefine and enhance video creation standards for a global audience. This partnership is poised to unlock new possibilities in the world of AI voiceovers for video content. 

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About Lumen5:
Lumen5 is an AI-powered video content creation platform that empowers businesses and individuals to create engaging videos for their marketing, training, and communication needs. With a mission to democratize storytelling through video, Lumen5 is redefining the way content is created and consumed in the digital age.

About ElevenLabs:
ElevenLabs is a leading provider of advanced AI voice technology, specializing in creating lifelike and realistic voices for a wide range of applications, from video content to virtual assistants. The company’s mission is to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI voice technology, offering innovative solutions for a variety of industries.