• July 15, 2024

Since 2019, Lumen5 has helped 11 employees relocate alongside their families.

We take great pride in providing comprehensive guidance and assistance throughout the visa acquisition and immigration journey for our employees and their families. Our People Team is always there to help with paperwork, documentation, and provide assistance with short-term and long-term housing. We also offer a relocation budget to make the transition period smoother for our employees.

It’s important to us that we provide personalized resources tailored to the specific needs of each employee. Of course, that also includes a special welcome package. Stepan Mikhailiuk, Frontend Developer @ Lumen5, has been living in Vancouver for over a year now and is one of the most recent employees we’ve helped relocate to Canada. When Stepan arrived to Vancouver, he received essential items, like a SIM card, but also delightful maple-flavoured treats, and of course, an in-office lunch where we had a great time introducing him to Vancouver sushi! 🍱πŸ₯³

Crossing the 365 days mark, we wanted to check in with Stepan on his first-year impressions of Vancouver. πŸŽ‰

How would you summarize your experience in your first year in Vancouver in three words?

Stepan: Just three words? Vancouver. Is. Awesome!

Vancouver is known for its stunning natural landscapes. Which outdoor activities did you embrace and enjoy the most during your first year?

Stepan: They are incredibly close and easy to reach. Whistler, Cypress, I actually managed it to spend nearly 20 days up in the mountains this winter.

Oh, it seems like I didn’t buy a ski pass for this season. I have to go! πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’¨

What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done or would like to do in Vancouver?

Stepan: I biked across the United States border, covering a distance of around 60 kilometers one way. I couldn’t walk properly after that adventure.

Were there any local dishes or foods in Vancouver that pleasantly surprised you or became your favourite?

Stepan: I’m into tacos, at this place called WildEye Brewing. Whenever I’m biking in North Vancouver, I always stop there for a quick bite.

What were your first impressions of Lumen5 when you met the team in person?

Stepan: I couldn’t believe they were real, since I have been working remotely for two years. Reality is even better.

Reflecting on your first year in Vancouver, what advice or tips would you give someone considering a move to Vancouver?

Stepan: My advice would be, never go to A&W! I’m so addicted to root beer! A&W are you looking for ambassador? πŸ‘€

What is your favourite benefit that Lumen5 offers?

Stepan: One of the things I really love about Lumen5 is the educational budget they provide. For instance, this spring I attended the Remix conference in Salt Lake City, which was very cool.

What do you do at Lumen5, and what favourite projects to feature have you worked on?

Stepan: In Lumen5, I work in a great team which name is Luminary, where we focus on the main Lumen5 library for video rendering. Which name is also Luminary. Every time when you play video, add slide, text, media, click publish button, you are interacting with Luminary. Recently, I enjoyed simplifying the infrastructure and reducing cloud cost. This effort led us to remarkable 300% decrease in our expenses. 😎