• April 22, 2024

Let’s take a Lumen5 Rewind!

2023, you’ll be a year we’ll never forget. In tech, there were a lot of breakthroughs this year in AI (95% of executives agree that generative AI will revolutionize operations and strategies) and some rather confusing times (Twitter is called X now?), but here at Lumen5 we really tried embracing it all, while never compromising who we are. As the excitement of our highly-anticipated product releases drove us forward, we looked towards new horizons, and recognized things we may have outgrown.


Our product team made 2023 their year. Lumen5 has never been better; with our new-and-improved AI Script Composer and AI Voiceover. And it’s clear our users have been loving them as well, take a look at these stats 🥰 👇

Lumen5’s 2023 Product Recap
Lumen5’s 2023 AI Script composer and AI Voiceover Recap

Creative Services

Lumen5’s creative services team are the real superstars 🪄 Their creativity is what brings the templates you know and love to life. 2023 was all about tapping into the artist within us and telling stories with our messaging, especially visuals. Whether it be custom branded templates or ones ready-to-use for the public, we were endlessly inspired. 

Lumen5’s 2023 Templates Recap


Every marketer is probably desensitized to the word “repurpose” and “rebrand” now. When trends change, you have to adapt, and we worked hard trying to figure out what was really us, and also focusing on getting us out there. 

Supercharge Marketing Podcast

Supercharge Marketing is our podcast for marketers who believe in the power of brand and storytelling. Hosted by our very own Pius Chan, VP of Growth @ Lumen5, every month he spoke with marketing experts who dared to do things differently, speaking on the current landscape of marketing strategy; where we are and where we can go.

With 22 episodes and 20k podcast downloads under its belt, we’re happy to see Supercharge Marketing connect with our listeners. In 2024, we look forward to connecting with them in brand new ways, beyond the podcast. Supercharge Marketing will look different moving forward, but for now, we wanted to highlight some of the ones that you all seemed to really love.

Turning Marketers into Stars

We also collaborated with our creative services team to create amazing spot videos for our biggest releases. Maddie Loves Marketing and Kat Does a Voiceover are encapsulations of our creativity, passion, and excitement for Lumen5’s growth. We hope you love them as much as we do! 

Maddie Loves Marketing | Lumen5’s AI Script Composer
Kat Does a Voiceover | Lumen5’s New AI Voiceover

Lumenletter 🌟

Talk about a rebrand! Our Lumenletter is a monthly newsletter that helps our users stay in touch with the latest video marketing trends, while also sharing the best tips and tricks to help your marketing strategy and content.

With 1100+ subscribers and counting, we look forward to continuing to find creative ways to keep growing and learning from each other in 2024. Join us over here if you haven’t already, we have a lot of fun 👋


We had a lot of fun this year at Lumen5. We’ve had a lot to celebrate (We’re 7 years old now! We’re second graders!), and have not only grown as a software but as a company as well. We took a total of 760 vacation days this year 🏝️ and visited 22 different countries ✈️  We got work done and had a lot of fun, too.

Here’s to another year!