• April 23, 2024

If you were creating a video, who would you want to narrate it? Was your answer Morgan Freeman? Thought so.

Voiceovers are incredibly powerful. They make videos more memorable, are engaging and give a unique midas touch (need I say more?). Not everyone can get voiceover right on the first, second or third try—we can’t all be Morgan. But… what if you could strike gold without investing in a shovel?

Introducing: AI Voiceover 🤩

Remember that for your next marketing strategy meeting.

Mike Cheng, CEO of Lumen5 speaks to the effectiveness of AI Voiceover and how it integrates with video: “AI voiceover is the screen technology. It’s become indistinguishable from people, but in and of itself, you can’t really do much with it. So let’s say you generate an AI voiceover. How do you make a video out of that? That’s incredibly difficult if you don’t have any video editing skills or video editing tools.”

An AI Video Creator + AI Voiceover machine? Well, that’s Lumen5. 🚀

Lumen5’s Innovation: Playing the Waiting Game

“Lumen5 has spent 6-7 years building this infrastructure that fits perfectly in the context of voiceover,” Mike says.

Before AI Voiceover came into play, we had to cover all our bases. First, was our AI Script Composer: all you have to do is link an existing piece of text and the magic of AI will create multiple scripts, with the option to customize and edit them to your pleasing; one click and ta-da—you have a video.

Now, what could get any better than that?

Mike lays it out perfectly, using an example every marketer has a toxic relationship with: coffee. ☕

Imagine your voiceover is talking about that perfect cup of coffee.

Mike: “Through our transcript-based editing experience with AI Script Composer… Lumen5 allows you to lay out spoken words across a sequence of time, creating individual scenes.

You can highlight the specific part where the voiceover mentions the pouring of a coffee and add in a scene of someone pouring coffee.”

We also have the stock media library that allows you to just simply drag and drop a visual asset over specific parts of the spoken words. And the ability to do all of that is what allows users to be able to create a voiceover video with no experience whatsoever.

Mike Cheng, Founder of Lumen5

Branding 🤝 Storytelling

87% of marketers say video marketing has helped them drive more sales. We’re living in the age of video, and everyone loves a good story. Consider your branding and your storytelling partners in crime—if one goes, they both go. Engage your audience by sharing your company’s values and build brand awareness at the same time.

Use AI Voiceover to connect more with your audience and build your brand, on top of the other user-friendly options Lumen5 has to offer. There are designs specifically built for title, quote, and data scenes, which you can overlay into your story.

Mike explains, “So all of those pieces together: transcript-based editing, scene-by-scene editing, stock media library, even the music library, all come together to make it so that a user without any experience whatsoever in video can still create these incredible voiceover videos that are engaging and memorable, and that’s something that you can’t really do anywhere else.

Make More With Less

Adjust your marketing strategy effectively and quickly. So long 🙅‍♀️ having to worry about how long a video takes to make, and hello 👋 to deciding which of the 10 ready-made videos should go out this week.

How is the possible? Well, Lumen5 will:

  • Give you script alternatives for your video
  • Produce AI Voiceover
  • Recognize parts of your video through the script and help you decide when to transition scenes
  • Automatically recommend stock media files and overlays based on the subject of your content

Lumen5 goes through your script, produces AI Voiceover, recognizes when scenes should transition, and automatically picks the stock media files for you. So with just a single click, once you have the scripts, you actually get this whole video ready-to-go that you can post.

Mike Cheng, Founder of Lumen5

I know you’re thinking, it almost sounds too easy. But with Lumen5, it is.

Building something out of nothing is a jump-scare for most marketers, especially video. However, investing in video marketing shouldn’t be a chore. With the addition of AI Voiceover, take your marketing strategy to the next level and produce content that’s worth consuming. You’ll need a telescope to see how high your numbers grow. 🫢🔭

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