• April 23, 2024

Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs Puts the Spotlight on New Initiatives With Lumen5

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About MFAF

Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs promotes the security and welfare of Finland and the Finns while striving for a fair and secure world. The ministry maintains relationships with governments and multiple organizations while operating at both a global and domestic level. The ministry also manages Finland’s travel services and promotes the country’s image abroad.

Employing over 1100 staff globally and 876 domestically, it operates 94 diplomatic missions worldwide, including embassies, consulates, and service points. Through their development policy, MFAF helps in resolving global problems and international cooperation by managing initiatives around everything from sustainability to international trade. Finally, it directly serves Finland’s economy, society, government leaders, Parliament, and citizens.

The Challenge

  • How can create videos at scale and globally?
  • How can we increase our engagement for content?
  • How can we create branded videos for all our audiences in different regions?

The Solution

  • Leveraged branded templates to create impactful and informative videos
  • Maintained a consistent visual identity across all embassies with branded templates
  • Increased its rate of video production through streamlined approval processes

Some Quick & Simple Stats

Lumen5’s branded templates made it incredibly easy for the Ministry’s teams to turn ideas into ready-to–publish videos in hours, not weeks. Not to mention, to publish videos in multiple languages: English, Finnish, Swedish – and more!

Lumen5 has made it easier for embassies and the entire communications department  to enrich their content by creating videos on current topics. Editing is also considerably more efficient and people don’t need other applications or help from a graphic designer to adhere to our visual identity.

Visual Communications Designer
Ministry of Foreign Affairs