• May 28, 2024

Did you tune into our Mega-Evolve Your Marketing: The AI-volution in 2024 webinar? Our host Pius Chan was joined by Kaegan Donnelly, Head of Product @ Lumen5 and Emilie Drishinski, GTM Enterprise Director @ ElevenLabs, to speak about the state of AI this year and how marketers can leverage these tools in their work. Don’t have time to watch now? Save it for later. We’ve got you covered in this TL;DW 💁🏽‍♀️💜


What we talked about

  • AI hype may have passed its peak, but the AI tools staying are the ones that solve people’s problems – it’s important for marketers to adapt by expanding their skills with AI tools
  • the Feedback loop between Product and Marketing teams is going to be very key in building the right AI products – human oversight and creativity are a necessity in effectively leveraging AI
  • AI will let marketers transform from a T-shaped marketer to a more block-shaped marketer, allowing marketers to dive more deeply into many parts of marketing – AI will highlight transitions in marketing roles, rather than displacement

Questions we asked 

Kaegan and Emilie spoke about the dual nature of AI’s impact: while some positions may be augmented away, there’s significant potential for AI to augment jobs and create new opportunities. With the implementation of more AI tools, comes far more job transformations than direct replacements.

“There’s such a human element to leveraging AI … Marketers can adopt these tools and quickly learn them. We’re still at a point where AI is not doing everything for everyone. There’s still human intervention and a lot of human aspects that need to happen in order to get the AI where you want it to be.” – Kaegan

What was the most wild promise you saw that never came true? What did everyone get wrong?

Metaverse Hype vs. Reality: Emilie reflected on the hype surrounding the metaverse before 2023, and while it’s not entirely dismissed, it’s still pending. The real hype has been about generative AI tools. “I think as like a lot of these tools progress, the metaverse will come full circle, and we’ll see a lot of real time interactions within that space.”

What are you doing to help organizations overcome these fears of AI and what have you been seeing and hearing? 

Pius brings up a great comparison to the early days of the internet, highlighting the evolution of polices and regulations that emerged to address privacy, data protections, and permissible activities online. He suggests a similar trajectory for AI.

Kaegan added, “I think some of this will happen partly through kind of self regulation. Like you already see social platforms are saying that they want to flag or tag AI generated content just so that users are aware that what they’re watching or seeing might not be an actual human being.”

Predictions we made

“I think you’re going to see AI tools be able to get you from zero to closer to 100%. So if we look at video tools like AI in 2017, we could go from an idea to 30% of the way to a completed video with AI, and then you as the user, would have to do the other 70%. In 2023, it got closer to maybe 80% of the way there. And I think increasingly, you’re going to see tools get you almost 100% of the way there, the AI knows exactly kind of what you want. Maybe the length of the video, the style of the video, the pacing of the video, the type of media that you like to use, and you have to make very, very, very few tweaks.”

“What we are working towards right now is looking at pre-processes and applying it to real time. So, for example, like we’re all on this webinar right now, I’m speaking in my own voice in English. But we’re also dubbing, so that at the same time I’m speaking Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, German … I think more real time applications are something that everyone’s working towards and building for to lessen processes.”

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