• May 28, 2024

The AI experience by marketers, for marketers

Marketers from across industries took part in our 2024 AI for Marketers Report. From addressing AI limitations and ethics to predicting the future of AI and marketing, this report acts as a toolkit to understanding marketers’ approach to AI in 2024.

Here are a few of the key findings from the report. ➡️ Access the full report here.

Marketers & AI in the workplace

By the end of 2023, marketers adopted several uses for AI in their work. However, only 30% of marketers surveyed said they were very comfortable using AI in the workplace, with an additional 40% using it in their day-to-day without any hesitation.

The relationship between marketers and AI in the workplace

Marketers & AI Breakdown

With the introduction of more AI tools, marketers can utilize AI for different work processes. The most popular amongst marketers is copywriting, with 25% utilizing AI to quicken the process. ➡️ Learn the other ways marketers use AI in the full report.

What marketers use AI for in 2024

Marketers & AI Ethics

AI ethics is a hot topic in marketing. The way some embrace smart AI practices may differ from person to person. In fact, over 30% of marketers’ concerns around AI ethics deters them from using it to complete tasks. However, 25% believe that while there some concerns, they are happy to use it. ➡️ Read the full breakdown of Marketers & AI Ethics in our report.

Marketers & AI Limitations

While Generative AI made great progress in 2023, there are still some limitations marketers hope will be addressed as we dive into a new year. These issues stood out the most:

  • Media generation
  • Accuracy of facts
  • Biases in data
  • Text-to-voice options
  • Contextual application
  • Repetitive

“A risk of over-reliance on automated processes can overlook nuanced human factors and lead to unfair outcomes.” ➡️ Read more quotes in the full report.

Marketers & AI Future

What do you think AI will accomplish in 2024? More interestingly, what do you want from AI in 2024?

In 2024, 18% of marketers believe AI work processes will improve along with predictive analysis.

Graph on what marketers believe AI will accomplish in 2024

Where do marketers want AI to grow?

“If AI improves, it would reduce biases and increase transparency in decision-making processes, ultimately contributing to more responsible and reliable AI applications. Additionally, refining AI’s ability to involve subjective judgment and complex problem-solving would be a valuable advancement.” ➡️ Read more fleshed-out insights in the full report.

Graph on where marketers want AI to grow in 2024