• July 16, 2024

We recently hosted our webinar, New Ways to Make Video, and we really want to talk about it. Lumen5 has learned a lot about video over the years. Our host, Mike Cheng, Founder & CEO @ Lumen5, took us on a journey to discover how videos can help businesses tell their story and resonate with audiences far and wide. Missed it? Here are the highlights – save the full recording for later. ☺️

What we talked about

  • How Emerson used Lumen5 to create efficient storytelling and business communications; strengthening their brand, engaging audiences, and streamlining their internal processes
  • The ways Best Western utilized the intuitive customization in Lumen5 for their many unique boutique brands, and unified the video creation process internally in order to lower cost and bandwidth to create dozens of videos in a short amount of time
  • 3 new ways to make video using Lumen5, from adding AI Voiceover for a personal touch; unleashing creativity through new ideas with our idea-to-video feature or old ideas with document-to-video; keeping audiences engaged in your videos with new additions like Animated Captions; to how branded templates keep your videos on-brand and on-time

Lessons learned

We were joined by some of our fave Lumen5 team members to talk about the new ways we’re making video… 🫡🤝

🌟 Kaegan mentioned the foundation of our Lumen5 videos, Script Composer, which enables marketers to create video-ready scripts from any content – pre-existing or new. 

🌟 Reese covered how voice-driven videos engage users, mimicking human-to-human interaction. AI voiceover videos help add that personal touch, and Lumen5 lets you pick an AI voice instead of your using your own.

🌟 Mac gave insight on idea-to-video and document-to-video. From repurposed content or even a couple bullet points, these two ways to make video can take you from no video to many videos.

🌟 Kanwar broke down how Lumen5’s branded templates grant you the opportunity to spend more time being creative and less time worrying about how to stay on-brand! Video templates act as guard rails, keeping your videos’ look and vibe consistent and true to your brand identity.

🌟 Sarah showed us how animated captions are a great way to keep audiences engaged, keep videos looking crisp, and help audiences remember what they just watched. Also – you ca n customize the colour, font, and placements to match your branding!

Questions we asked

Public templates follow a structure, whereas branded templates give you the chance to follow the imaginations of your brand and creative teams. Mike further explained, “Branded templates are developed and designed for one specific [account]. Nobody else has access to your branded template for your brand. Public templates, on the other hand, is available to all users.”

“We’re always building custom branded templates for unique brands that need it. And we’re also releasing new public templates that are available for all. And this is our way of being able to serve that brand customizations to different sizes of organizations.”

Mike loved this question! At Lumen5, we see AI as boundless potential for video creation, so we are constantly exploring new possibilities. “We’re working with a lot of customers to figure out if we had AI Avatars, how would you use it? Is it for educational reasons? Is it for marketing reasons? So it’s a big discovery process. And our approach, which has always worked is just to listen to our customers, the problems that you’re all facing, and how can we use AI to help you solve those problems?”

The long term goal is always to reduce the time it takes for you to get to a video that you love. Mike said, “If it currently takes 30 minutes, we want to get it to 20 minutes. We want to get it to 10 minutes. Eventually, maybe even a one click solution where you love the video and you can just do it at scale.”

Watch the full recording

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the full recording of New Ways to Make Video! Watch now and download the slides for later! 😊