• July 15, 2024

With the increasing amount of video online, getting impressive results isn’t easy. Whether it be the look, feel, or colours, sometimes it’s not enough anymore for a video to just look good. It needs to feel good, too.

That’s where voiceovers continue to standout. Any chance to capture create a genuine human connection is always a good idea. There’s no reason your brand’s videos should neglect that either. Adding a voiceover to your video can make the difference between 100 and 1000 views, no matter the kind of video you’re promoting.

People want you to speak to them. In fact, 80% of people are more likely to finish a video when subtitles are available. So, increase your engagement just by speaking directly to your audience.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are the best way to explain and share your product, while also showing off what it actually looks like. When creating a video that is meant to reveal essential and useful information to your audience, it’s important to consider what will grab their attention. You can achieve this almost instantly with voice. Visuals may be what captures their attention, but the tone of voice may be why they stay.

Apple is known for their high-quality product launch videos. Their video for their 2023 product announcements and updates “17 big & little things” is straight to the point, with voiceover leading the video. The use of voiceover in this video is crucial to go from one feature to the other, making the message more digestible, and is incredibly more engaging to listen to.

Apple: WWD23: 17 big & little things | Source: YouTube

Brand films

💡 Voiceovers + Distinctive voice = memorability 💡

Humanize your brand by making content that’s authentic and genuine. 82% of consumers want to align with brands that share their same values. Remember that your target audience is made of people who are just like you, so think about how to connect with them on a personal level.

A major takeaway in Coca-Cola & George the Poet’s collaboration is the way they used voiceovers to create a character, becoming a significant part of the messaging. Get into the mindset of your audience by emoting with them. It’s a promising way to keep them coming back.

Coca-Cola & George the Poet present: Open Like Never Before | Source: YouTube

Short-form videos

How long did that IG Reel capture your attention for? It’s said that 20% of viewers will stop watching your video after the first ten seconds, so the real question is—what was it about that IG Reel that made you stay… or keep scrolling?

Voices demand to be heard and they’re a sure way to capture someone’s attention right away.

As part of Airbnb’s campaign “Get an Airbnb, and get more space,” they released a short 15-second video that encapsulated their mission to explain why a big home beats a small hotel. It’s visually exciting, but even better, it sounds as good as it looks. A quality voiceover that matches the quality video? That’s a dealmaker.

Get an Airbnb, and get more space | Source: YouTube 

Repurposed content

It’s not that people don’t want read anymore, it’s just nobody really has the time to. While blogs are still a great way to engage your audience and generate content on your niche, videos are visually stimulating and easily distributable. Text in a video is good, but voiceovers make the video much more accessible.

With 9 out of 10 marketers using short form videos in some way, there’s a lot going on. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying too. The video below is from our own blog, 8 Reasons Why You Should Add Voiceover to Videos. Repurposing written content into video (which can be done easily now with Lumen5’s AI Script Composer 🤭✨) makes great sales enablement content that can reach your audience who may not be on your blog, but look forward to your content coming from other social media channels.

Oh, have you checked out Lumen5’s AI Voiceover yet?

Reasons Why You Should Add Voiceovers to Your Videos | Source: Lumen5

Recap video

Have you ever said one thing, but really meant the other? Or, maybe you put text in a video that was quick and snappy but you really wanted to explain yourself more.

Voiceover in videos can help expand on a message that’s otherwise simple. This makes your video all the more powerful! Google’s 2022 Year in Search video garnered over 200+ million videos, was only two minutes, and not about one singular thing. A video like this is perfect when you want to highlight parts of your company in a quick and interesting way, and the use of voice is the showstopper.

Google — Year in Search 2022 | Source: YouTube

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