• July 15, 2024

The pros to spring cleaning? An increase in productivity and a fresh space to start anew.

The same thing can be said when creating successful evergreen content – a solid video marketing strategy can be just as good as a powerful mop, and your content calendar will start to appear fresher, clearer, and more organized.

This is what makes evergreen video content extremely relevant. We’ve spoken about the benefits to making marketing videos in less time – especially with how fast trends move on social media and the swiftness in which people want information. Since AI can help you create branded content in a timely manner, you can create great evergreen video marketing content just as fast. The trick is doing it so effectively that you get time back in your day to sit and just breathe.

The difference between timely content and evergreen content

In marketing, the speed in which new content needs to be pushed out always seems to be getting faster.

To be fair, there’s a lot of value in having content that’s ready to be released on a weekly basis.

Timely content is often news-related or trends-based, capturing the immediate interest of viewers. It’s a great way to illustrate your brand’s values, interests and personality. But the catch is, those videos are usually seasonal.

Remember when Barbie was trending? We had fun.

On the other hand, evergreen content is timeless. It’s designed to be relevant, engaging, and effective for the long haul; often focusing on topics that continually resonate with your target audience and demonstrate your brand’s identity.

I made this video in Lumen5 about our unique approach to AI Voiceover, and it’s overall a great video that we get a lot of uses out of.

What you need to create successful evergreen video marketing content

Creating well-branded evergreen content for video marketing doesn’t need to be difficult. It may seem like it needs to be a big production, but it really doesn’t!

In fact, a great piece of evergreen content can come from something that’s already existed for years, just simply displayed in a video that is both engaging and pleasing to watch (and on-brand of course!).

Pre-existing content to choose from

💡 What current evergreen content piece do you always go back to? Often the first impression of your brand, they must be efficient and high quality. Take the important bits and transform that information into a compelling video that can be uploaded, pinned, and shared.

Evergreen content can be taken from existing whitepapers that are often used to inform potential customers. By plugging in written content, PowerPoints, Docs, or PDFs, and transforming them into videos, you can capture valuable information about your brand in a completely new form.

Video marketing is a great way to tell your brand’s story in very few words. It attracts new visitors who are looking to learn valuable information about your brand.

Now, the way our blog looks may very well differ to the branding of your video. It’s a great time to determine the look-and-feel for your brand, and what you want people’s impression to be when they find you. (And if you take advantage of Lumen5 Saved Templates capabilities, this problem becomes a non-issue 🧹)

In just a few clicks, this is the kinds of video content you can have at your disposal:

  • Explainers: Demonstrate your brand’s offerings which will remain relevant as long as the products or skills are in use
  • Testimonials and case studies: Showcase customer stories and successful case studies which address common customer needs and outcomes
  • Product reviews: spotlight videos provide insane value to prospective customers interested in detailed, practical insights into what you have to offer
  • Thought leadership: Feature insights from experts for an in-depth analysis of topics specific to your field which can continue to influence and inspire viewers into the future

Tone and voice

It’s important to consider the kind of video you want to create. Evergreen marketing videos stand the test of time because they can always be repurposed in some way. That means they are highly representative of your brand’s presence and messaging.

The stronger the messaging, the more your audience will grow familiarity.

You can also have a lot of fun with this!

For example, on Lumen5 there are a bunch of controls in Script Composer that lets you get creative with your generated scripts, until it’s perfect for your brand.

Also, get quite literal with the term voice.

Using a cloned or AI voice for your brand’s video can create brand consistency and offer a unique and memorable experience for your audience, which can be used over and over. That’s where the familiarity part comes in.

Cleaning is tedious, but everything is brighter when you remove some of the clutter. Once you find the balance between timely content and evergreen content, your marketing content calendar will start making sense again – and you’ll finally have that breathing time that was promised earlier.