• April 22, 2024

We’re living in an era where a digital presence is a non-negotiable for any business. The upside of prioritizing good branded content is that is shapes your brand’s identity and engages your audience. The downside? It’s time-consuming and resource heavy. Questions you may be asking in your strategy meetings are, how can we get ahead of our content creation – and how do we stay ahead?

The digital age brought about a seismic shift, emphasizing the need for a constant stream of fresh, engaging content for your brand. Now, with AI stepping into the spotlight, we’re witnessing a new revolution… the AI-volution, if you will 🫣. Don’t be surprised if this year you hear a lot of marketers begin to go, “well actually, AI has been helping me A LOT.”

Because truly, letting AI help you create branded content grants you the best of both worlds (Hannah Montana, poet), with an easy fix for strengthening your brand’s storytelling and increasing the frequency of said content being shared. Utilizing AI-driven software for your branded content is not just a transformative method to reshaping the landscape of digital marketing; it’s redefining the efficiency, creativity, and personalization of branded content.

Creating Brand Content With AI-Content Generation

AI Content Generation

Do you have a lot of blogs collecting dust that could use a re-polish? Or white papers, eBooks, or any existing content from your business that’s important to your messaging but not catchy enough to capture the attention of your audience in this new digital age? Whether you have plenty ideas derived from existing source material or you’re stuck in the ideation phase, AI-powered writing tools can help you create content to generate new ideas and help you string words together, while staying true to your brand’s messaging and giving you the chance to flesh out your storytelling. You’re probably thinking of tools like ChatGPTJasper, or Copy.ai.

AI Video Creation

At its core, AI video creation software automates the production of video content. Remember all that written content collecting dust we talked about? Text-to-video has never been more relevant than it is right now. Through advanced algorithms, AI video software can generate scripts, source relevant images and videos, and create voiceovers. This process, powered by machine learning, allows for the creation of customized, brand-aligned videos at scale. This can uptick the amount of video content you get out like crazy. (Actually, this is all sounding oddly familiar to Lumen5, the AI video creation software that has a solution for all these things 🤯).

Take a look how we repurposed our blog, “AI Predictions for Marketers in 2024” into a video.

Leveraging generative AI for your marketing material can help you create a range of different content pieces for your business, like blogs, social media posts, articles, etc. and being comforted by the fact that it will align with your branding. Taking big pieces of information and turning them into short, engaging, and snappy pieces of content is not an easy feat. But, listen, here are the facts: Generative AI can save marketers 5 hours weekly. How’s that for productivity? So far, this has had a huge impact on marketing as we know it and how we personalize, build, and plan our branded content.

Benefits of Using AI to Create Branded Content

The collaboration between marketers and AI doesn’t need to be met with skepticism and uncertainty. In fact, the future seems bright as AI only gets better and better. It’s possible to take existing human content and have it coming out on the other side just as good. Even better, it will not only help you produce content faster, easily streamline social media strategies, and usher in a new dawn of consistent on-brand content, but also absolutely wholly impact your brand’s story (in a good way, we promise 🥰)…

Efficiency and Speed: AI significantly cuts down the time required to produce video and written content, with 7 out of 10 marketers believing it will increase their productivity. Marketers can now respond swiftly to trends, ensuring their brand remains relevant and engaging, without the pressure of having to take allocated time from other projects.

Cost-Effectiveness: 54% of organization report that AI provides cost savings and efficiencies. By automating the production process, companies can save on labor costs and reallocate resources to other strategic areas.

Personalization at Scale: AI excels at analyzing data to produce content that resonates with different audience segments, enhancing engagement and loyalty. 60% of marketers say AI has helped them create a more customer-centric experience.

ConsistencyWith 35% of marketers using AI to up their social media game, AI helps maintain a consistent brand voice and visual style across all content, reinforcing brand identity.

Creativity and Innovation: Beyond just analysis, AI can suggest creative approaches based on successful trends, what has worked in the past for your brand, and ensuring content is both fresh and impactful. Last year, 41% of marketers saw better performance and revenue growth with AI.

These benefits can amplify your brand’s storytelling capabilities, allowing for more engaging, personalized, and impactful narratives that both your team and audience can be proud of. Dynamic and personalized branded content reinforces your brand’s identity, and leveraging AI ensures being able to quickly and efficiently create content without a proportional increase in time or resources.

Tips for Marketers Creating AI-Enhanced Branded Content

While AI can streamline content creation, it’s vital to maintain a balance between technology and human touch. Ensure your content remains authentic to your brand voice, and always have a human review the final output to capture the nuances AI might miss. But just like we said… the best of both worlds ✨ Get work done faster and smarter, while also giving it a personal touch!

Authenticity Matters: Now more than ever, we want to feel realness. With Apple releasing their Vision Pro, it’s clear that augmented reality experiences are going to become the next big thing. However, never forget that your business is interacting with real people. Meet your audience where they are, and you’re sure to gain their trust.

Creative Storytelling Will Have an Impact: AI can help you with words that are hard to find. However, lean into your creativity during this process too. Big ideas don’t seem too big when you have the help with generated content and video creation. Right now, video is king! Visual storytelling is in, which gives you the excuse to try new ways to interact with your audience.

Consistency Persists: AI-driven content generation tools help you maintain a consistent brand voice across all digital content, regardless of the region or platform. The consistency in voice and tone strengthens the brand’s identity and fosters a stronger connection with a global audience.

The future of branded content is here, and it’s powered by AI. Dive into the world of AI video creation and discover how it can transform your marketing strategy. With its many offerings, you can harness your marketing skills to tell your brand’s story meaningfully and understand your target audience’s needs and what messaging connects with them.

The AI-volution is here!

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