• May 28, 2024

Listen, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Creating great pieces of art takes time, right? Art fact: It took Vincent Van Gogh two years to paint The Starry Night. That’s the equivalent of watching 526,000 60-second Instagram Reels.

Marketing videos are art in their own right – and with short-form video on the rise, it’s time we find hacks on how to create plenty great visual content in significantly less time. Marketing fact: 75% of video marketers use AI tools to create and edit marketing videos.

By the time you’ve gathered the resources for your video, outlined your creative process, and double-checking brand guidelines, it may feel as though two years have passed. No offense to Van Gogh, but I think you can create something visually stunning in 20 minutes.

How to use Lumen5 to save time and create great marketing videos

Customized templates just for you

Ever worry that your videos will get lost in the vast digital sea? Not only do you want to attract your audience’s attention in the first 10 seconds, you want them to be able to detect it’s you right away. But whether this be from design, fonts, colors, or tone of voice, it can be difficult to stick to brand guidelines, consistently. Lumen5 works hard to make sure your brand’s identity is never diluted.

  • Lumen5 helps you achieve this through our public templates allow you to play with customization and efficiency. Alter fonts and colors to align with your branding effortlessly.
  • Alternatively, you can elevate your brand with templates crafted exclusively for enterprise and get personalized templates that are made just for your brand; having full control of design, fonts and colors with dozens of custom scene designs to choose from.

Transform PDFs into engaging videos

So… those captivating infographics, eBooks, and whitepapers that seem to have faded in obscurity… have you thought of them lately? Repurposing is fun, but it can feel like a task if the original source is word heavy. It can be hard trying to determine which bits are the good bits. Lumen5’s PDF to video tool transforms your valuable content into engaging marketing videos, no manual copying and pasting required. We do the heavy lifting for you, selecting the prime cuts from your content feast.

From idea to video to infinity and beyond

Work hand-in-hand with our script composer to bring your vision to life. Create a video so good it will be debated until the end of time of how such a thing could have happened. Idea to Video streamlines and accelerates the process of video creation, saving valuable time and resources.

Idea to video can help you create short-form content on subjects that feel too big. Enter bullet points to help with the content and structure of the video and edit as you go until you have a complete video.

Storyboard your vision with script composer

Our script composer is about making the impossible, possible – simplifying complex subjects into captivating short-form content.

  • Upload the images you want to use in your video so our AI can incorporate them in your video to save time on the decision-making process.
  • Receive multiple scripts with different angles before settling on the one that perfectly encapsulates your desired message
  • Tweak your script before and after your video is created without having to worry!

Generate an AI voice that resonates

Put the microphones away!

Voices resonate with people and the use of voiceover has proven to be effective in video. Instead of writing a script and recording it, editing all the likes and uhhhs, we can generate a voice as fast as we can scripts. Select a voice based off tone and vibe – and what’s even better? Tweak and perfect your voiceover as your script evolves, ensuring the message is not just heard, but felt.

  • Whether you want to tweak the tone, adjust the pacing, or refine the wording, you have the power to perfect your message without starting from scratch.

Okay, fine. One more art fact: Some people have waited over an hour for 30-seconds in front of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Considered the most famous painting of all time, most people say it’s worth the wait, and would probably do it again. Create a video so good that it’s worth the loop – aim for sky-high engagement (or The Louvre)!