• July 16, 2024

If you’re not using a video-heavy content marketing strategy, you’re missing out. But what does it really take to adopt a video-first mindset? And is it enough on its own?

Having worked in video marketing creation and strategy in a number of his roles, Chris Kopech knows the importance of getting video right.

It’s important to have a video-first mindset. It’s also really important to make sure the content is matching what your users want,” Chris says. “Meeting your customers where they are is critical for business development and nailing down leads.”

Chris Kopech, Marketing Manager at CBRE

In this episode, Chris shares his insights into why even challenging economic environments needn’t be a death knell for B2B marketers, so long as there’s a smart, well-executed strategy behind video-based content creation.

About Chris Kopech

Communications and Marketing fanatic with experience in television and film production, as well as a strong background in the law and in legal procedure. Focus on new media and emerging media and bringing technology to the world of marketing and communications. Now at CBRE | FacilitySource, focusing on graphic design and marketing for the industry leader in facilities management.

He believes the key to success: Ensure full buy-in when leading with a video-heavy strategy.

The rise of video-friendly platforms and the corresponding decrease in the cost of creating quality videos means even economically tough times are no longer a barrier to successful and engaging media campaigns.

And having a collective video-first mindset is important, but so is ensuring that your content matches what users really want. Don’t create videos for the sake of creating videos — a common mistake among lots of B2B marketers.

What you will learn:

  • how to be agile and smart about your content strategy
  • why video is having its moment in the marketing cycle
  • why disposable content might not be such a bad thing
  • why you should be a marketing specialist and video expert

Why you should care:

  • meeting the customers where they are with your content drives revenue
  • video is highly effective content for a reason: It gets the job done best
  • video is the most engaging marketing format right now
  • it’s better to create content than not, and it builds your skills as a marketer

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