• April 23, 2024

Leveraging the power of data is the secret weapon for success. From achieving executive-level buy-in to driving pipeline and attribution, data-driven marketing has the power to elevate and rapidly grow both your marketing function and your organization.

From the best time to speak to your customers, to best practices for a more objective approach to marketing, Stephen Midgley thinks marketers should focus on leveraging data to make all business decisions – especially for rapid growth and alignment across your organization.

He also shares the best way to remove silos between sales and marketing, and create an environment of data-backed decision making that drives pipeline and supports long-term marketing goals.

About Stephen Midgley

Stephen Midgley, Invafresh’s Vice President of Marketing, fosters a two-decade-long career delivering on increased brand awareness, pipeline attribution, and accelerated growth. His approach is founded on marketing attribution, data, and facilitating productive and compelling discussions with C-suite and Sales teams alike to initiate a cohesive strategy that drives revenue.

What will you learn:

  • How to use data to show pipeline attribution
  • Why marketers should create assets based on the needs of the sales team
  • How to use data to make thoughtful marketing decisions
  • Why data unifies and aligns teams across the entire organization

Why should you care?

  • Attribution is the hardest metric to articulate
  • Marketers are being asked to measure and quantify their efforts
  • Track and communicate data to justify future marketing budget
  • Data should be part of your executive-level conversations

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