• April 22, 2024

And we’re back… with a banger from our one and only, Pius Chan.

About Pius Chan

The VP of Growth at Lumen5, Pius manages the go-to-market strategy and GTM teams: Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience. His experience of 20+ years in B2B tech has well-versed him in the holistic understanding of the buyer’s journey: from lead to loyalty and from awareness to advocacy.


When you’re staring down a recession, what’s your default way of thinking?

The last thing on your mind is often what opportunities lie ahead. Instead, you’re probably thinking about how to simply stay alive. But what about the opportunities that the uncertainty creates?

According to Pius Chan, Head of Growth at Lumen5, he believes marketers are uniquely positioned to do both: avoid pitfalls and find ways of generating revenue in the process.

Pius knows there are challenges ahead, but he believes the best way to thrive in uncertainty is to tell different stories.

What will you learn:

  • How to change your mindset from conservative to opportunistic
  • How the best marketers use AI tools most effectively
  • How you should approach content creation and repurposing
  • How to reposition marketing strategies in a time of great change and uncertainty

Why should you care?

  • The pivotal shift in and power of marketing lies in solving problems buyers had. Creating content for the buyer’s journey is what resonates.
  • Marketers should think like Sales and position themselves as indispensable revenue generators – as they are!
  • AI won’t take over your job, but marketers who know how to use AI might
  • Marketers should learn how to collaborate with AI to do more with less

Your hosts, Mike Cheng and Pius Chan

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