• April 22, 2024

Ultra targeted content engages audiences better–but growing a global brand with a small marketing team means that it needs to be balanced with the art of repurposing without sacrificing quality.

Cheryl Martel knows this firsthand. With audiences all over the world, she’s had to balance a narrow focus on expert-level topics that resonate with her audience, while developing repurposing skills that allow her team to grow a healthy presence across channels.

About Cheryl Martel

Cheryl Martel is the Global Head of Content for Egon Zehnder, a leadership advisory and executive recruiting firm. She’s been a storyteller for as long as she can remember—from creating a newsletter for her family at age 10 to becoming a journalist and later a communications and marketing leader. Cheryl takes sometimes too much and sometimes not enough information and turns it into a consumable piece for readers across industries and regions. One thing she’s learned along the way is that effective communication isn’t just common sense; it’s a skill and an art (and job security).


Creating content for a specific audience is more impactful when the content is relevant to them. Knowing and creating content specifically for your audience will pay off–even if you’re reaching smaller numbers. A content strategy for growth is focused on who the audience is, and what they’re specifically interested in.

That means Cheryl and her team can focus on creating content that has an impact, by narrowing their focus to the topics that matter, ensuring that they’ll get more engagement and build trust within that smaller audience. 

People want to feel like they can trust you. They don’t want to feel like you’re just spamming them with content constantly. But if it’s a little bit more thoughtful, then I think when it does come through, you’re more likely to get people to engage.”

Cheryl Soltis Martel, Global Head of Content of Egon Zehnder on Supercharge Marketing Podcast

Being on lean but mean marketing team means being very intentional about what content they put out there. And that’s where repurposing is an essential part of the content marketing process. Repurposing your content is key to reaching a wider audience.

Cherl also thinks she’s found a content sweet spot. 👀 In between written and audio content lies a spot for video content. Videos catch people’s attention as they’re scrolling their social feeds. If you’re struggling to find a place for content because it’s too long for one channel or doesn’t quite make sense as an article for your website, consider a 60- to 90-second video.

And the one thing Cheryl reminds all marketers, is to be patient with content – especially when your target audience is CEOs and other C-suite members. From fitting content creation into a busy CEO’s schedule to building relationships, creating this content requires a long lead. But by taking intentional steps over time, your content marketing efforts will pay off!

What will you learn:

  • How to target your audience with ultra-targeted content
  • How videos can fill content gaps
  • How to be intentional and effective with your content strategy
  • Why having a unique perspective matters

Why should you care?

  • CEOs and other C-level members prefer to hear from their peers
  • Effective communication is a skill, art, and job security
  • Audiences only care to read/listen to what matters to them
  • Creating deep relationships can result in great content and audience growth

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