• April 23, 2024

Welcome to the TLDR Series: for those who don’t have enough time in the day – because who tf actually has time these days?

About Carol Meyers

An independent board director for public and private companies, CMO and go-to-market coach, Carol also coaches CEOs and C-suite executives in IPOs, acquisitions, strategic planning, sales strategy and more.


If there was ever a time to adjust your marketing strategy, it’s surely now: In the wake of big data, big change is afoot. In every crisis lies opportunity for those who can adapt. Identification of risks, scenario planning and watching for early warning signs are approaches all marketers can take, regardless of circumstance.

Carol Meyers’ golden advice? “You’ve got to go back to basics … How is what’s happening going to impact [our buyers]? How does it shift our ideal customer profile? … Who are the people who really need what we do, and how can we make sure that we are best serving them? … The whole organization also needs to double down on keeping the customers that you have.

Listen to this episode as Carol touches on everything marketing – not just from a B2B perspective, but how to prepare for big changes and what strategies to implement for the future.

What will you learn:

  • How do you adjust your marketing strategy in times of big change?
    • (3 things: identify, scenario plan. watch for early signs)
  • Why aren’t MQLs everything?
  • What should marketers focus on? (hint: Not MQLs)
  • Why is the idea of product-led growth a game-changer?
  • How do you generate growth and revenue in tough times?
  • How do you weave your category story into your brand strategy?

Why should you care?

  • Marketers are often the tip of the spear on new strategies
  • Marketing is still accountable for ROI, despite not owning it.
  • Hiring new marketing talent means defining more roles, such as product marketing
  • B2B is WAY harder than B2C for many reasons
  • With every big change in the economy, every business is impacted differently.

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