• April 23, 2024
What's AI got to do with it

You’ve got AI questions, we’ve got answers and solutions.

AI is a storm that has taken hold of us in just over 2 months. I think we all have a million questions – I know I do. But as more and more information has come out, I’ve come to realize.. it’s not like that. Here’s the thing…

My first thought as a content marketer when first hearing about AI though.. (source)

AI isn’t here to replace marketers (or any job), but to help marketers. And if we as marketers don’t learn to adapt and utilize AI, we won’t be replaced by AI but by other marketers who leverage AI. (Mike Cheng and Pius speak more on this on the Supercharge Marketing podcast.)

AI is changing the world whether we want it to or not. And this conversation is continuing to evolve everyday. So far, here’s what we understand…

1) Is AI new?

No, AI isn’t new. There was a rapid growth through the 1960s in the 2000s, the number of AI companies has multiplied by 14 times. AI capabilities have grown so much – from text to video generation to deep fakes and generating images from words, it’s been a little crazy trying to keep up with what’s new or what’s not new. But just know that pretty much anything can be “AI powered” today.

At Lumen5, we have had AI text to video powers before ChatGPT existed and are continuously amazed by the things that can be accomplished with AI. Though we can’t say what is coming up (let’s just say exciting things!), we sought to use AI to help streamline your existing content creation workflow: repurposing your existing text into video to help tell your story better.

We were included on this list with other AI tools, check it out!

Thanks to AI developments and AI-focused softwares like DALL-E (image generator) and ChatGPT (we all know it’s here and evolving everyday), AI has become a super hot topic again. These new generative AI tools are one of the few catalysts that spurred the exploration of new AI capabilities, pushing past the boundaries and existing AI limits.

Because of ChatGPT’s high demand, sometimes the system is down but give it a try! I like to type in some fun prompts to play around with!

OpenAI is currently updating new things everyday, however its database is only good for information up to 2021. But its mathematical skills have increased significantly. For more on their latest AI updates: https://help.openai.com/en/collections/3742473-chatgpt

3) What are the top challenges of AI?

The top challenge in AI adoption is the company doesn’t understand the importance of AI. According to 72% of executives, AI will provide the greatest competitive edge in the future. And this isn’t to say that AI will take over the world and all the jobs, but in reality, AI is set to help workers do tasks more efficiently and timely.

Other challenges that companies face are the lack of appropriate data and employee skillsets. Without the proper support and tools, employees are not supported accordingly and therefore, are unable to up-skill. Big no-no!

4) What are the benefits of AI?

Its adoption rate has skyrocketed in the last couple months and over 80% of companies plan to incorporate AI somehow. There are tons of ways to incorporate AI to improve your existing workflow. CEO and entrepreneur Mike Cheng suggests using ChatGPT for these two tasks:

Repurposing your existing content by using ChatGPT to summarize your blog

Use ChatGPT to help with the video creation process

61% of staff claim that increased use of AI at work has increased their productivity. Looking for a full AI workflow example? Check our Ross Simmond’s simple AI workflow for repurposing content:

5) What are the ethical concerns of AI?

As new developments are made, there will be ethical challenges such as lack of transparency, biases in AI, and citation of sources for data. However, setting up guidelines and guardrails for ethical vs. unethical use is a great place to start.

This will be a major topic going forward! Outside of marketing and B2B, even students are using AI tools to write term papers. Can this be detected? Not up until recently! A Princeton student designed GPTZero, a program that can detect if term papers have been written with ChatGPT. But even then, there is no regulation or definite solution yet.

And going back to a marketing and B2B perspective, is it okay to generate copy for work purposes? 🤔

One thing to remember.. you will always be the final editor. AI can help you rephrase, refine, and brainstorm but at the end of the day, you are the final editor of your content!

The AI you is only as good as the REAL you. 😤🧠