Why Your Business Should Be Posting One Video A Day

Why Your Business Should Be Posting One Video A Day
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You know those articles that annoyingly throws random stats at you every 3 sentences trying to make their point? We’re not going to do that. Instead, we’re going to throw all the random stats at you right away so that you can process them.

Companies that are going video-first are running far ahead of their competition, and what’s really shocking is that the rest of the field isn’t working too hard to catch up—judging by the fact that you’re reading this article, might you be lagging behind? The fact is, the vast majority of companies still aren’t investing in video as a core part of their social marketing strategy, and it’s important to recognize why that is.

So why isn’t every business using video already?

The reason why more businesses aren’t using video as part of their strategy is that they’ve intrinsically bought in to a few misconceptions. Namely:

  1. It’s expensive
  2. It’s hard to do
  3. It takes a lot of time
  4. It has a questionable ROI

We can probably scratch number 4 off the list right away. It’s clear that, time and time again, video delivers its worth in conversion gold, and even common sense would tell you that a well put together video is going to be more engaging than text or an image. Now, let’s address the other sticking points.

Can you afford video?

Making great videos can be costly. But can you not afford to make video is the better question. As with most new strategic endeavors, adding video to your marketing strategy is going to require some investment of money in order to do it correctly and see worthwhile results. Contrary to popular belief, though, it’s nowhere near as expensive as it used to be - particularly with off-the-shelf video creation services that have made things 10x less expensive than it used to be. The cost of creating good video content for your business will vary depending on your industry, your setup, and the type of video you are looking to create. However, rest assured that you can fit video into your current budget by getting resourceful and creative.

Are you capable of producing video?

Number two, creating video may seem difficult to some, but it’s really not. With some careful planning, a business can generate ideas that produce hours of video content. Creating these videos is a matter of prioritizing ideas, associating a strong CTA with each, and then finding the means to film. This may require investing in some new equipment, finding a freelancer able to edit on a per-project basis, and/or calling in some professionals who will setup a contract to produce video for the business--whatever it takes, adding video is very much achievable and, in all honesty, relatively easy considering the huge results it can bring.

Do you have time for video?

Number three ties into the above too. For businesses who don’t have a lot of time to spare, they can budget to bring in a freelancer (or team of them) on a per project/contractual basis to handle everything from idea generation to editing to even the final publishing. With that said, businesses who are able to put in a little more time will be able to save substantial amounts of money by keeping things in-house. It’s all about figuring out what setup will work for your business.

How can a business realistically begin creating videos?

The trickiest part of creating any video is figuring out what to center the video around. That’s what creates the hang-up for many businesses. Since they struggle to even get past this first step, they assume the entire video creation process is going to be an uphill battle. Plus, until a business is able to produce a few high-quality videos for themselves, they’re never going to truly realize just how powerful these videos can be for their brand. That makes businesses a bit less motivated to put in the effort and get started at all. The key is…

Turn Pre-Existing Content Into Video

Let’s face it: you’ve already come up with countless ideas for content, you just didn’t put them into video form...at least, not yet. Not to toot our own horn (ok, we’re going to toot our own horn), but Lumen5 uses a powerful approach because it takes the content ideas that your business has already put on your blog and it generates a storyboard from them that automatically enables you to create appealing videos that compliment your pre-existing content. The reason why this approach works so well is that your content ideas have already been put into action through your blog. In other words, those are content ideas that you have already researched on, that you have already created a strong CTA for, and (most of all) that you have already proven the concept of. Why not repurpose that content into a video that’s guaranteed to boost engagement?

Post every day. Do it. Seriously.

Videos aren’t like a Facebook personal status update - your viewers aren’t going to develop content fatigue. Every video presents something new, and as long as you keep it short & actionable, the few seconds it takes to watch a video is nothing close to the mental energy used to read a long post.

When creating a video nowadays is as simple as pasting a link into an A.I. powered tool, there is no excuses.

Begin with the content already on your blog, which is enough to give you a daily video for the next few weeks, months, or even years depending on how long your blog has been running. As you continue to produce new written content for your blog, just as you have been doing all of this time, get in the habit of spending a little while to transform that content into video form too, and you will be able to branch out to entirely new platforms and engage people more on the platforms you are already using. By doing so, you’re also engaging in one of the best ways to optimize your content marketing: content repurposing. Taking existing mindshare and repurposing it into different mediums is the best way to build a marketing program that scales.

A video a day, keeps the doctors slow death of churn away

Video doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or time-consuming. If you use the right tools, you can pretty easily begin generating high-quality video content with the simple copy/paste of a link to your blog. That gives your business the very impactful ability to create a video that can perfectly accompany any article you publish on your blog--and that comes with many pretty direct benefits.

  • More shares. By having a video to accompany your written content, you can share that video on social media rather than simply sharing a boring old link. Since video is the most shareable form of content on the web, and (as stated above), you’ll basically immediately triple your organic reach.
  • More engagement. If a person clicks through to an article because of an enticing title, but is then met with a wall of text, they aren’t as likely to stick around as they would be if you featured a video on that page to accompany the text. Most people prefer video.
  • More conversions. Remember how we said that video increases landing page conversions by 80% and leads 64% of visitors to a purchase decision? It’s a no brainer right? Once you get that a-ha moment of just how ridiculously easy it is to start adding eye-catching, professional video content to your blog and social media pages, you’ll never turn back. There’s tangible, incredible, revenue-generating benefits that come along with having quality video content. And again, not to blatantly toot our own horn, but if you want to automate it away, that’s what we’re here for. Adios.