10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools [And Why They Work]

10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools [And Why They Work]

When it comes to social media, consistency is key. If you post a few times on your brand’s Facebook page, go radio silent for months, then start posting again, you won’t be able to grow your following effectively - simple as that.

That said, being a content creator in charge of developing and executing a social media strategy is easier said than done. You’ve got to source for creatives, and create content. You’ve got to make sure your content is relevant and timely. And you’ve keep posting across all your channels, rain or shine. 

Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to do everything manually - that’s where social media marketing tools come in. 

If you’re struggling to find the best social media marketing tools that can help you level up your social game, you’re at the right place. In this article, we outline the 10 best social media marketing tools that you can use to streamline your workflow, and improve your social media campaigns.

Read on to find out more!

10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools 

1. Lumen5 for Video Creation

Lumen5 homepage screenshot

Consumers rate videos as their favorite type of content on social networks, so it makes sense to post more videos on your social channels, and incorporate video marketing into your social strategy. 

favorite type of content stats

One of the best video tools on the market? Lumen5, which allows you to create videos for a wide range of social media platforms, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn, and 
  • Snapchat
Lumen5 Facebook templates

How does it work? Simply choose a relevant video size, choose a theme, edit it with the drag-and-drop builder, and publish it. Lumen5 has a database of photos, music, visuals, and themes that you can draw from to take your video marketing game to the next level.

Pricing: You can use Lumen5 free as long as you want. The Pro plan is priced at $49 per month, and the Business plan costs $149 per month.

Collaboration: You can invite team members if you’re using the Team plan. 

2. Canva for Graphic Designs

canva homepage screenshot

Next on our list of social media marketing tools is Canva, which is a popular tool that marketers use to edit images and create graphics for social media.

Canva is a simple drag-and-drop design tool, and users get access to a huge database of designs (social media posts, Facebook covers, Facebook group covers, posters, banners, and more) that they can customize for their own purposes. 

Once you’ve created your images, you can publish them to your social media accounts from within Canva (assuming you’ve linked up your accounts). Canva supports all the leading social networking websites, including WordPress.

Pricing: You can use Canva for free, for as long as you like. If you switch to Canva for Work (Canva Pro), this will set you back by $12.95 per month.

Collaboration: Canva for Work comes with a team collaboration feature that allows you to add your colleagues to your account. 

Canva Alternatives

You can try these Canva alternatives for graphic designing and photo editing:

  1. Design Pickle
  2. FotoJet
  3. BeFunky
  4. PicMonkey
  5. Stencil
  6. Desygner

3. CoSchedule for Content Organization

CoSchedule homepage screenshot

Next up, we have Social Organizer by CoSchedule, which helps you coordinate and fine-tune your social media strategy.

With Social Organizer, you can see how your individual campaigns are performing, and create templates that minimize repetitive tasks: 

CoSchedule social organizer template

On top of that, this tool also comes with a social analytics feature that provides users with actionable reports on their performance, campaigns, and social strategy. 

Pricing: Social Organizer costs $100 per month for 3 users (additional users cost $19 per month). If you have a large social media team, the price might skyrocket.

Collaboration: A basic plan “Growth” plan ($100 per month) comes with access for 3 users. If you have more people who need access, you can add additional users at $19 per user per month, or go for the “Professional” plan that allows for 5 users.

CoSchedule Alternatives

Here are a few CoSchedule alternatives:

  1. SocialPilot
  2. eClincher
  3. Sendible
  4. Sprout Social
  5. Hootsuite

4. SocialBakers for Social Intelligence

SocialBakers homepage screenshot

Looking for an all-in-one social media marketing tool? We recommend SocialBakers, which is a robust, feature-rich social media marketing suite that allows you to kill several birds with one stone: 

  1. Better understand your audience and create better buyer personas
  2. Identify the content that your audience is in love with
  3. Manage all social media accounts from a single dashboard
  4. Monitor the social space for conversations about your brand
  5. Build rapport with your ideal customers 

Personally, we find SocialBakers’ Personal Mapping Tool particularly helpful - this allows users to create buyer personas based on what they already know about their ideal customers.

SocialBakers personal mapping tool example

Pricing: The cheapest SocialBakers plan starts from $200 per month.

Collaboration: SocialBakers’ “Essential” plan ($200 per month) comes with access for 5 users. If you need more seats, go for the next tier “Smart”, which comes with access for 20 users. 

SocialBakers Alternatives

Can’t afford to pay for SocialBakers? Choose an alternative from the list below:

  1. Frrole Scout
  2. Socialinsider
  3. Synthesio
  4. Digimind
  5. Vaizle

5. Mention for Social Media Monitoring

Mention homepage screenshot

Monitoring social media for brand mentions is one of the simplest yet effective things that a marketing team can do to track social media performance. To do this, use Mention, which lets you monitor social media to improve brand awareness and reputation. 

You can find discussions, comments, complaints, and unlinked mentions of your brand using Mention. Mention also comes with a brand analytics tool that lets you perform sentiment analysis and competitor analysis, and a social competitive analysis tool that shows you what your competitors are doing to boost their social following. 

Pricing: Mention is a freemium tool. You can use Mention for free, or upgrade to one of their paid plans (starting at $25 per month).

Collaboration: The free plan and “Solo” plan ($25 per month) only come with access for 1 user. If you’d like to add team members, opt for the “Starter” plan ($83 per month), which comes with access for 3 users.

Mention Alternatives

If Mention doesn’t offer what you’re looking for, try one of the following alternatives for social listening:

  1. Awario
  2. Brand24
  3. Brandwatch
  4. Keyhole
  5. HowSociable

6. Buffer for Scheduling

Buffer homepage screenshot

It’s important to publish content on social media at the right time to improve engagement. Enter Buffer, a social media scheduling tool that helps you ensure that you push out your social posts at the most optimum time.

 Buffer isn’t the only social media scheduling app out there, but it’s by far the simplest and most cost-effective. It has a browser extension, mobile app, and advanced social analytics. 

On top of that, Buffer also comes with a design and image creation tool, Pablo. Using this tool, you can convert any piece of text into a stunning image, then queue it to get published with just one click. 

Pablo by Buffer tool screenshot

Pricing: Buffer’s most affordable plan (“Pro”) starts at $15 per month.

Collaboration: Buffer’s “Pro” plan only comes with access for 1 user. Users who sign up for the “Premium” plan ($65 per month) or the “Business” plan ($99 per month) get access for 2 and 6 users respectively.

Buffer Alternatives

Looking for a Buffer alternative? Check out the following tools:

  1. SocialOomph
  2. Meet Edgar
  3. Blog2Social
  4. EveryPost
  5. Proofer

7. Zapier for Integration

Zapier homepage screenshot

It’s hard to do social media marketing without integration. And it’s hard to manage integration without Zapier.

Zapier supports all the leading social networking sites and thousands of apps. You can connect social accounts with CRM, lead generation tools, email software, and several other types of tools and apps.

For instance, you can connect Facebook Pages with over 1500 apps for automation.

Zapier Facebook pages integration

That’s not all - Zapier also helps you automate workflows and make your teams more productive. 

Pricing: Zapier’s plans for individuals are priced at $0, $20, $50, and $125 per month. Its “Team” plan costs $250 per month.

Collaboration: All individual plans don’t come with collaboration features. If you sign up for a “Team” plan, this lets you bring your team members on board.

Zapier Alternatives

Here are a few Zapier alternatives that you can try:

  1. IFTTT
  2. Automate.io
  3. Integromat
  4. Actiondesk
  5. Workato

8. Slack for Communication

Slack homepage screenshot

Your social media team can’t work in a silo - whoever comes up with the creative concept has to work with the designer; once the design has been created, this has to go to the manager for approval. 

Bearing this in mind, you’ll want to ensure that your team has access to a platform that lets them communicate effectively. That’s where Slack comes in.

With Slack, your team can create channels for different social media marketing campaigns, send messages, share files, and assign tasks. Managers can also be added to these channels, so they can monitor the team’s progress without sending emails to individual employees.

Pricing: Slack has a free plan that comes with 10,000 searchable messages, 10 apps and integrations, 1-to-1 video calls, and 2FA. Upgrading to the paid plan (“Standard”) will cost $6.67 per person per month.

Collaboration: We find Slack’s free plan good enough for team collaboration, but if you need access to advanced functions (eg group calls with screen sharing), then you’ll want to sign up for a paid plan.

 Slack Alternatives

If Slack isn’t what you need, try one of these alternatives:

  1. Workzone
  2. Fleep
  3. Asana
  4. Trello
  5. Flock

9. ZeroFOX for Security

ZeroFOX homepage screenshot

ZeroFOX is one of the best social media marketing tools that a company can use to beef up its security. With this tool, you can identify the fraudulent accounts that are slandering your brand (if any!), and protect your brand reputation.

How does it work? Simply connect ZeroFOX to your social channels, and it’ll start monitoring the landscape for risks. If you get notified of a risk or situation, you can take appropriate actions such as blocking a profile, removing content, and/or reporting it. 

Pricing: ZeroFOX does not publish its prices on its website; companies will need to get in touch with the tool in order to get a quote.

Collaboration: No information provided. Again, get in touch with the tool for more details.

ZeroFOX Alternatives

Don’t think ZeroFOX is a good fit? Check out the following tools:

  1. Snyk
  2. Termly
  3. McAfee SECURE
  4. Nuvi
  5. SOCi

10. Social Report for Reporting

social report homepage screenshot

Wrapping up our list of best social media marketing tools, we have Social Report, which helps you create social reports with just a few clicks. 

You can do multiple things with Social Report, including scheduling posts and monitoring the social media landscape, but its key feature is its social analytics. This lets you track your performance of all your social assets (Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, website blogs, etc), and allows you to organize your data to uncover valuable patterns and insights.

If you hate sitting down and creating reports, you’ll also love Social Report’s custom reporting feature. Just add the variables you want to track, save your report, and configure your frequency settings. Once that’s done, the tool will automatically generate your report on the scheduled time (for example, every week, month or quarter) moving forward.

Pricing: A “Standard” plan starts at $49 monthly.

Collaboration: The “Standard” plan gives you access for 5 users. The “Advanced” plan ($99 per month) comes with access for 10 users.

Social Report Alternatives

Interested in other social media reporting and analysis tools? Here are some of the best Social Report alternatives:

  1. AgoraPulse
  2. Commun.it
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Zoho Social
  5. Oktopost

Get the Social Media Marketing Tools You Need to Succeed

These 10 best social media marketing tools will help you level up your social media game, and generate more traffic, leads, and sales from your social media channels.

Feeling overwhelmed, and not sure where to start? Think back to what goals you’re hoping to achieve with your social media campaigns, and use that to inform your decision.

For example, say you want to improve your Facebook marketing by using videos to engage your customers more effectively on the platform. Once you’ve identified your goal, it’s fairly straightforward to identify the relevant tool to use (in this case, that’s Lumen5). It’s up to you to take it from there!