How to know it's time to upgrade Lumen5

Howdy! 👋 Kaegan here from Lumen5, here to talk to you about why you can and should upgrade to one of our premium plans. Ping me on chat or come to my webinar!

By design, the free version of Lumen5 is fantastic. Our team hates coming across a nifty tool online, only to discover that it’s borderline unusable without paying for an upgrade.

The free version of Lumen5 will always be a good fit for folks making videos for fun, or just starting out with video marketing.

But individual entrepreneurs, established businesses, and large brands should absolutely upgrade to one of our premiere paid plans.

Still on the fence about upgrading? Check out these key reasons to upgrade your Lumen5 experience. If you hit even one of these indicators you should consider upgrading to a premium plan!

You’re making money online.

If you’re making money online, chances are you have a brand image to uphold. That could be your own personal brand, a public figure, or that of a larger company.

720P video (or better yet, 1080P video) is an absolute must. You don’t want your audience thinking your videos look fuzzy or blurry.

You can commit to making one video a day (or week)

This is a lofty goal. But if you’re posting to social media, it may as well be a video. After all, videos generate 1200% more engagement than text or image posts. Sweet baby rabbits!

The average Lumen5 video takes under ten minutes to make, 7 and a half to be exact. So if you can dedicate maybe 15 minutes a day to conceive, create, and post a video, you should absolutely upgrade to a paid plan.

Can’t quite hit the once a day mark? That’s fine! This is a tough goal, but if you even manage to post once a week, that ain't too shabby!

You have a dedicated marketing team

If you are part of or lead a multi-person marketing team, Lumen5 has you set up for success.

Shared workspaces allow you and your team to collaborate on videos. You can also create unique “brand profiles” to make sure everyone is making videos with the appropriate colors, fonts, and overall “look and feel” to maintain the consistency of your brand identity.

Got a team? Sign up for the Team Plan for up to 3 members today, or sign up for a demo to learn more or get information on our Enterprise plans for even larger teams.

What are the main perks of upgrading?

So you’re thinking an upgrade might be for you, hey? You’ve made it this far, so you're probably most of the way convinced. Here are my favorite reasons for upgrading to the various plans we have.


720P quality is a must! People’s phone screens have as many pixels as a 50-inch television these days. The HD quality really makes a big difference.

A close second is the ability to customize the colors and choose from one of 35 fonts. You can quickly craft a look for your videos that is truly your own, and stand out from the crowd!


Time to get serious! You get a bump to 1080P quality on the Business Plan, which is the best quality you can post to many social media networks at.

You also get a couple other great feature additions in custom outros, watermarks, and the ability to upload fonts and your own music. Nicee!

Attend a webinar

Team Plan

Need more than one team member? Simple. The Team plan is for you. Need more than three team members? Oh you better believe we've got you covered there!

Book a demo today to learn how you can work collaboratively with your team today.

So is it time for an upgrade?

Only you can decide if it’s time to upgrade your plan. Or I guess we could decide, (“hey you! Upgrade your plan!”) but that’s probably not going to work.

Here’s what we suggest if you’re unsure: make one (or more!) videos with the free plan to get a feel for the product. Come to a webinar to learn more. Or chat with us (we’re friendly, we promise!) and we can answer any questions or concerns that you have.

Sound good? Righteo! Talk soon.


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