• February 7, 2023

Here are 3 reasons why you need video as part of your content marketing strategy. You probably already have a content strategy. You’ve got a blog, maybe a podcast, so why should you include video?

Well, the first reason is that by posting video content, you gain a tremendous algorithm advantage. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Google prioritize showing video search results to their users. This means that if your competitors are just posting links and written posts, you could potentially stand out by posting video content. And the reason video content is prioritized in newsfeed algorithms is because video tends to be more engaging. People are more likely to stop and watch. They’re also more likely to give it a like reshare or comment on your post.

And that brings me to the second reason, which is that video content is much more engaging than other types of static content. When you’re scrolling through a feed, everything kind of blends in. But because of the autoplay mechanic on so many of these social platforms, you often stop when there’s something moving, and that’s why video is a great way to capture attention. A video is a sequence of scenes with a story and narrative and it begs the user to stick around to find out what happens next. Video as a format also offers unique branding opportunity. You can reinforce your visual identity with watermarks, your unique font, your unique transitions and colors. All in all, with video you can be much more consistent and visually memorable.

And the third reason is the ability to reach new audiences on new platforms. Some platforms are fundamentally video-oriented, like YouTube, like TikTok, and like Instagram. This means that unless you have visual video content, you just can’t post on those platforms. And you know that millions upon millions of people spend time on those platforms every single day. By having video in your content toolkit, you can access these new audiences on new platforms.

So, in summary, those are three great reasons for incorporating video as part of your content strategy. Rank better on news feeds of the platforms that you’re currently active on, deliver content that’s more engaging and converts better than static content, and being able to reach new audiences on new platforms. And rest assured, creating video content does not need to be hard, or expensive, or time-consuming. Online video creator tools like Lumen 5 can help you create great video content in minutes, and that’s just one of many free options that are available out there. So try it out. See the results for yourself, and I’ll see you in the next