• April 22, 2024

When it comes to repurposing content, I like to do things like turn blog posts into videos, but one of the common challenges I run into is blog posts are often too long for me to convert into a 30 or 60 second video, and this is how you can make use of A.I. tools to better your workflow.

Chat GPT is really good at summarizing documents, so you can copy and paste the entirety of your blog post or maybe even a lengthy white paper. Ask chat GPT to generate a 30 second or 60 second summary of that piece of content, and then you can take that rephrased and condensed script and put it into a video creator like Lumen5. I found that this workflow has made me much better at repurposing content, because it takes a lot of effort to summarize something. That’s something A.I. is really good at, so try it out for yourself and see how it goes.