• April 22, 2024

A common mistake I see when content creators try to use AI is that they stop too soon. For example, you might tell chat gpt to write a 30 second video script. Often times people read that script and they go: I don’t like it and then they go back to writing it themselves.

But the best content creators that leverage AI go through a highly intensive iterative process where they go back and forth and back and forth with AI tools like chat gpt. So, for example, I might ask chat gpt to write me a 30 second video script, I’ll read it and I’ll say: can you rephrase that in a more casual and friendly tone? I’ll read it again and I might suggest more changes. For example, can you make it more upbeat? Can you use simpler terms? Can you rephrase this sentence?

That push and pull, that finetuning, is what allows you to get the best results out of AI, and it can be really helpful to stop looking at AI like a tool and more like a partner, because when you’re actually working with people, that’s how we operate. We give feedback, we iterate, we repeat, we learn to work with each other and ultimately the sum becomes greater than its parts. So the next time you try using AI as part of your content creation workflow. Think about the iterations cycle.