• April 22, 2024

There’s a lot of talk out there right now about chat gpt because it’s so accessible and so easy, but for content creators out there, I want to point your attention to stable diffusion. It’s among the same generation of what we call generative AI. It’s when AI can actually generate new information or new assets and while chat GPT is primarily a language model, so it’s good at writing, it’s good at rephrasing things, and in my other videos I’ve talked about how you can use chat gpt to help you write video scripts and come up with video topics.

But stable diffusion, which is similar to midjourney or Open AI’s DALL-E is an image generation technology. There’s a lot of apps out there now available on both Mac and windows, and it allows you to use a text prompt to generate new images. Let’s say I want to create a product image of my soda pop falling into a swimming pool instead of hiring a photography team to capture that moment. You can actually use something like stable diffusion to generate that imagery and, just like chat GPT, think about the iteration cycles. It might not get you a hundred percent of the way there right away, but it might get you a draft so that you can make your finishing touches. Maybe pop the concept over to Photoshop to make some fine tunes on your own manually, and the theme is the same.

Think of AI as an assistive tool that can make you more efficient, help you brainstorm, help you visualize things. So while chat GPT gets a lot of attention for its language model stuff, make sure you still keep an eye on the image generation side that is equally as exciting.