• April 22, 2024

I know a lot of people that work in marketing that would create consistent video content for maybe a couple weeks, maybe a month, and then they run out of ideas and when they hit that writer’s block or video block, they stop.

But what I’ve learned is that, especially when it comes to these types of everyday social videos, it’s actually totally valid to revisit old topics and talk about the same thing that you talked about last month. Social moves so quickly. Content that you put out there are ephemeral. Chances are, if you have, let’s say, a thousand followers and you put out a piece of content, maybe only 10% of them would actually see it. So simply by going back, revisiting the same topics, you have the opportunity to reach the other 90% that never saw your content at the time when you posted it.

Another aspect to that strategy is, even if you revisit an old topic, you often times have new insights. So even if you talk about the same thing again, it’s going to be different. You, as a content creator, are constantly learning and growing. So instead of trying to come up with new content ideas every single time, every single day, consider revisiting old topics and see if you can shine new light on those conversations.

Try it for yourself and let me know how it goes in the comments below.