• April 22, 2024

If you’re a video content creator, you should be pretty excited about new developments in AI. As I’m sure you’ve heard of Open AI launched their new tool called chat GPT, which is essentially a really smart chatbot that can help you do all sorts of things. Now it’s not going to create the whole video for you, but it can really speed up your workflow.

For example, I try to produce videos every single day. What I can now do is ask Chat GPT to help me come up with five video topics for the week. I can ask Chat GPT to write me a video script that’s approximately 60 seconds long for each of those five topics. Through just natural language,
I can ask it to summarize, to refine, to rephrase, and really it’s the perfect partner to brainstorm ideas and refine concepts. And remember you will always be the final editor. AI can help you refine ideas, rephrase certain things and brainstorm and research, but really you are still the creative director of your content and it’s important to keep up with these things.

Your job may not be replaced by AI itself, but you may be replaced by someone who’s really good at using AI. There’s never been a better time, time dive in and try it out for yourself!