• April 23, 2024

If you’re currently running a podcast, it’s time to consider turning that into a video podcast. The only difference between a traditional audio podcast in a video podcast is just that there is a video component to the podcast.

Instead of just recording the audio, make sure that your guests are on camera and you’re on camera and you’re having that same conversation, but with the visuals being captured. The value of this is exponential. Instead of just having audio clips that you can make available on Spotify or Itunes, now you can post these episodes on Youtube, and podcast conversations tend to be long and fascinating. They could be 30 minutes to an hour long and often times you’ll have these golden nuggets, these moments that you can create snippets of. So you take out a 60 second and you can make a TikTok. You take out another 60 second and you can make it a linkedin post.

And since you’re going to record the podcast anyways, it’s not that much extra work to include a video component. So when you go to record your next podcast episode, consider having video as part of that experience.