• April 23, 2024

You’ve probably heard of the term repurposing content, but I think one of the lowest hanging fruit is actually localization.

When you’re creating content, especially video content, it’s probably in a language that you’re most comfortable with say English but not everyone speaks English, not everyone prefers English, and making your content available in different languages is such a great way to breathe new life into content that’s already resonating with your users.

One of my favorite methods of localization is to create translated captions. So, for example, in a recording like this, I can upload it to a tool like Lumen5, which will automatically create english captions for me, but within Lumen5 I can also hit a button and it would translate my captions into any language I want, and now I can redistribute that content to a completely new demographic.

So if you’re looking to extend the impact or extend the lifespan of your content, think about localization. It’s really easy to do and a lot of that is done automatically these days.