• April 22, 2024
Here’s a cool trick to help you level up your video content.

Have you noticed that in high production they’ll actually use two or even three different cameras recording the speaker? The purpose of this is to create multiple camera angles so they can cycle through them, making the video look much more professional and engaging.

But for everyday social video creators like us, we obviously don’t have two or three 4K cameras to play around with. But you can create a similar effect by capturing with just one camera and then you can edit it using an online line video creator like Lumen5.

From there, you can crop different sections of this one video. You can create a zoom in effect, you can move your talking head around the screen to create the illusion of multiple camera angles, and this works really well because it creates variety in the visuals.

You can zoom in to create emphasis on a point and then zoom back out when you’re continuing the story. So try it out for yourself. It’s really easy to do and really only takes a couple seconds.