• April 23, 2024

Did you know? Video content is so much more than just a tool to increase brand awareness. It can also play a vital role throughout the sales funnel as well.

According to MarketingProfs 70% of marketers say video converts better than any other medium. Many markers use video to help prospects navigate the decision-making process. Video testimonials, case studies, and product demos can all be powerful assets for your sales team. SaaS company SEM Rush uses video testimonials across its website, social channels, and paid media campaigns.

When a Harvard Business School team analyzed 34 million content interactions, they discovered that B2B buyers are most influenced by how others use a product or service. Decision-makers want to see how your company has helped other companies and the tangible outcomes they achieved. This is why video case studies and testimonials are so powerful. You can show how your business has helped your existing customers achieve their goals.

It’s also easier for prospects to identify with the customer in a video case study. A concise and shareable video case study is the perfect format for B2B sales. Business buyers need to justify purchases to their superiors and a short video can be easily shared with the C-suite to support a purchasing decision.