• April 22, 2024

At Lumen5, we consume countless videos each day. With over 6 million videos created on our platform, it can be a challenge to keep track of them all! The exciting insights come when we focus on our most successful videos and significant trends emerge.

Our most successful users are using Lumen5 to create videos for thought leadership content (TLC).

Thought leadership video content is content designed to share thoughts and insights to establish authority and expertise for a brand.

These videos are often educational and informative, between 1-2 minutes, and is consumed as bite-sized learning.

Over the years, we’ve made significant changes to Lumen5 towards this purpose that results in our platform becoming the best video creator for content marketing. That’s what we do, and as a customer, you’ll experience this through three of the following unique value propositions:

1 – Easily Repurpose Written Content into Engaging Videos

The video creation experience in Lumen5 is built around transforming blog posts into videos with ease, our core superpower.

Many of our customers, being marketers and communications specialists, regularly interact with blogs. Blogs tend to be a very familiar and welcoming starting point. By simply popping a link to a blog post into Lumen5, our platform will fetch the content, and the AI will lay it out as a storyboard within the video creator – text and all. From there, you can revise and construct the video sentence-by-sentence, scene by scene, similar to how a PowerPoint presentation is created. Thought leadership often starts as written content on blogs. Our blog-to-video feature makes it extremely easy to repurpose your written stories into engaging videos.

2 – Thoughtfully Designed Video Templates

Lumen5 is the perfect solution for TLC videos because of how we design our video templates.

We’ve discovered that all great TLC carries three significant components: Insightdata, and trust through research.

Insight is the core message of your TLC, the key knowledge that you’re sharing with your audience. Data is used to support your Insight which often includes statistics and numbers. 

Trust is the inclusion of social proof to bring credibility to the whole story. Each Lumen5 template is designed with components allowing our video creators to address all three ingredients. We have designs created to help you communicate complicated concepts, animate and illustrate data, and help you highlight quotes from experts and influencers.

3 – Creating Videos With Your Team at Scale With Ease

We make it easy as pie to scale and repeat.

A successful content strategy in today’s fast-moving world requires both frequency and consistency. Many content teams shy away from regularly including video in their strategy because they assume it’s difficult and time-consuming.

Lumen5’s lightweight video creation experience makes it feel more like building a simple PowerPoint presentation.

Our customers can create videos in minutes using point-and-click, drag-and-drop features that require no video editing experience. Adapt your videos using wide, square, and tall aspect ratios to fit different social platforms with just one click. Collaboration happens on dashboards and workspaces, which allow content teams to build their TLC videos together.

Join us at Lumen5.com. We’re excited to help you kick off your journey in creating amazing thought leadership videos to help showcase your industry expertise. Let’s get started!