• April 22, 2024

New developments in A.I. and Machine Learning is rapidly transforming the creation of video content.

It used to be that you have to go to school to learn how to do video editing, and because the process was so complicated, most of us rely on hiring contractors or an agency to produce video content. But new developments in A.I. and Machine Learning have made it so easy that anyone without video editing experience can still create engaging videos using some of the new tools that are available to us now. And here are 3 ways in which A.I. and machine learning is making video creation easy and accessible for everyone.

Number 1 is called Natural Language Processing or often abbreviated as NLP.

Using NLP, online video creators like Lumen5 can summarize a blog post and automatically produce for you a video storyboard. This means that you no longer have to go hire a professional director to write a script for you. If you’re in marketing that means that you can use NLP to repurpose blog posts that have been previously written and transform them into engaging video content.

Number 2, we have computer vision.

One of the ways computer vision is being used to enhance the video creation process is face detection. Face detection tells the system where there is a human face in a photo or video and that enables the software to make great recommendations around where to add visual elements or scene compositions overall.

Number 3, we have speech processing.

It used to be that if you want captions for your videos, you would have to go type in the entire script on your own. But with speech processing, A.I. can automatically generate captions that you see right here. Online video creators, like Lumen5, also use speech processing to generate a transcript of your video, which then allows you to edit the video using the transcript, allowing for very precise timing when you’re adding visual overlays.

The study of A.I. and machine learning really is an exciting field and it’s made video creation easier than it’s ever been. Hopefully this video taught you some