• April 22, 2024

I often hear this excuse for not creating video content because you don’t have a good camera or you don’t have a good microphone or you don’t have good lighting equipment. Well, this is your reminder that you don’t need any of those things.

Here I am actually using my phone as the camera and it looks great. I’m using a 30 dollar microphone that sounds great, and I’m just filming during the day where there’s natural light. There’s no lighting equipment that beats natural sunlight and with free online video editing tools like Lumen5, you don’t even really need to pay for software to do any of the post-processing work.

A video like this one here basically costs me nothing to produce, but it allows me to put out content consistently on a daily basis. Now just think about what you can achieve for your brand if you put out content every single day.

The potential impact is high and effort is really low, so really there’s no excuse. So what’s holding you back from creating more video content? Let me know in the comments below.