• April 22, 2024

B2B marketing strategies that focused on brand fame were six times more effective than pure demand, product based marketing. Keith Browning, the global lead of brand marketing over at LinkedIn just published some new insights on B2B marketing.

Brand fame is how quickly and consistently your brand comes to your audience’s mind when they think about your category. For example, Kleenex is such a famous brand that you probably refer to face tissues generally as Kleenex. You want to be the no-brainer answer for your customers. And even just aiming to be thought of that way can make a significant impact. And here are three tips for how you can aim for brand fame.

The first is to be bold and original and really think about what makes you memorable. Second one is don’t play by the rules, try to market yourself in a totally different way and get people talking. Third is to create a community engage with customers and prospects alike by asking questions, taking polls, hosting events and creating conversations. If you want your brand to go places, never settle for awareness, strive for fame.

The research shows that companies change B2B service providers only once every five years. That means that 95% or your target customers are not looking to buy a product at any given time. Too many of us base our marketing around the idea that customers are actively seeking our solution right now. They aren’t. But according to the math, they will be, eventually. And you want to be the brand that pops into their head the minute they do. And that’s where brand fame comes in.

For brand building, the long game means building memory structures. You want your potential customers to think about you in buying situations where your product is a solution, and if you’re playing the long game, they’ll remember how you’ve impressed them for when their turn to buy comes around. So if you’re building a brand, the important question to always be asking yourself is are you playing the long game? You can read the full study over at LinkedIn Collective on LinkedIn. So, go check it out, and I’ll see you in the next video.