• April 22, 2024

Zero click content refers to a specific type of content design that requires absolutely zero clicks to be able to access the piece of content. Our jobs in marketing is to be able to reach as many people as possible and deliver value so that we can establish a relationship between them and our brand. And often times, we do that through our content marketing strategies. We produce content containing valuable insights that delivers value to our target customers, they appreciate it, and over time, the relationship builds.

But there is also a tendency in marketing where we don’t give away content freely. We ask them to click here, be redirected to this portal, submit their email and then we’ll send an e-book to them at a later point in time. All the steps you add between your target customers accessing your content, that’s just friction between your customers and their ability to get value from the content that you create.

The opposite of this is zero click content. Zero click content requires zero clicks. No actions whatsoever. A great example of this is posting a video just like this one on social media. Chances are you’re scrolling through your feed and without clicking at all, this video right here auto played and you’re listening to me talk now. Before you know it, I’m teaching you something about something that hopefully you care about, and it required zero clicks on your part, to get access to this content. And rest assured, I’ve tested this myself, I’ve posted links to my YouTube channel on LinkedIn which requires one click, and even that one click creates a huge drop-off rates. The zero click content that I create performs much better than any other types of content that requires you to click on a few things before you get to hear me talk.

Now, of course, as marketers, eventually we want to be able to get to a point where we can capture information and spark those conversations, but the modern marketing funnel is not black and white. It’s very, very much like a gradient. Think of it like a funnel, at the early stages of building that customer relationship, you haven’t yet built that relationship for them to feel comfortable giving you all this information going through all these clicks. And so at the top of funnel where you’re still building that brand awareness, you want to be using zero click content. Start building these relationships with zero effort required from your audience to be able to consume your content. And last but not least, social media platforms love zero click content. Usually this means organic native content that you post directly to their platform, not on YouTube but directly onto platforms like LinkedIn for example. And that means that you as a brand or content creator are creating content natively on their platform and encouraging their users to stay on that platform as opposed to creating click through opportunities, that drive them to a different platform. And if your content benefits the platform, then the algorithms tend to favor you.

So the next time you go to create a piece of content, think about it. How many clicks are required in order to actually access those insights? And are you comfortable with the level of friction that you’re putting in there? And as always, if there’s any other topics for me to dive into, let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you in the next video.