• April 23, 2024

Today i want to talk about talking head. What is talking head and why does that term keep popping up all over the place in the marketing sphere? Well, talking head refers to a type of video content, quite literally this type of video content, where there is a head that is talking to you. And this type of video content has become so popular because it really is effective. It’s this interview style where you have a person who’s having an intimate conversation with the audience. It’s really effective because at the end of the day, this is how we make purchasing decisions.

People don’t buy from brands and logos people buy from people, people that they trust, people that they have a relationship with, and talking head is such a such a great method to be able to have this type of genuine and authentic, communication with your target audience. To be able to share your insights and establish a bit of credibility as you’re teaching and educating your audience on things that matter to them.

Another reason why talking head as a type of content is so popular is because it’s just so easy to create. This whole footage here is being recorded on my smartphone. iPhone nowadays have such great cameras, Samsung phones, and this is a $30 microphone so really there isn’t a lot of setup required. You might have heard that you need good lighting and all that, but really, the cameras these days are so good that you don’t really need good lighting. Equipment like this is fine and this is just me capturing this recording at home during the day. If i need to do any kind of video editing there are a lot of online video editors out there, if you just google online video editor, you’ve got tools like Descript, Type Studio, Lumen5, those are all great tools that allows you to easily and quickly process this type of video.

This whole talking head clip is probably going to take me less than 10-20 minutes to be able to put together, the impact is going to be there, it’s me educating you on a topic and it’s much more enjoyable than reading a blog post or a white paper about something like this.

And the last more timely reason why i think talking head is really seeing such an explosion right now is that during the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone was locked down, we had no choice but to learn how to work remote. We invested in our home setup, we got webcams, we got microphones, and we’ve also normalized just seeing people’s houses and their backgrounds, and so even i feel much more comfortable now putting out this type of talking head content because i know that you don’t expect me to be in a professional studio with all this fancy equipment. Being at home and having this type of intimate casual conversation is the key ingredient to success when it comes to talking head content so that’s all i wanted to share today. Hopefully that was helpful for you and as always, if there’s other topics that you want me to dive into, please leave it in the comments below and i’ll see you in the next video