• April 22, 2024

The distance you are from your camera can actually determine how much value you can get out of your content. I used to make these videos being much closer to the camera, but what I realized later was that it makes it very difficult for you to reformat a closeup video from landscape to square and vertical aspect ratio by being sufficiently far away from the camera like this.

It allows me to capture this video in a nice landscape camera angle, but I can also crop this video to be vertical and it still works really well on places like Tiktok or Instagram reels. And this is important because the more places where you can distribute your content, the more people you could potentially reach, and when people are browsing on a platform like Youtube shorts or TikTok they expect videos to be captured in a way that looks nice in a vertical video format, and when you capture from distance to the camera, you give yourself more options to crop this one video in lots of different ways.

Go check out my youtube to see the landscape version or, if you’re seeing this in landscape, go check out my tiktok or Instagram reels to see the vertical.