• June 16, 2024

A TLDR Series for those who don’t have enough time in the day – because who tf actually has time these days?

How Cisco Scaled Video Content Localization Using Lumen5

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About Cisco

Cisco is a world leader in information technology. It helps people connect quickly and securely through networking tools, software, and communications infrastructure. Cisco is a trusted thought leader in the IT industry. A huge audience of IT professionals and executives look to the company for valuable insights and fresh ideas.

The Challenge

  • How can we create social media content that is engaging?
  • How can we cut down total cost and time for each video?
  • How can we tell our story in an effective way?
  • We are a global company, can we find a scalable solution that allows us to grow as we grow?

The Solution

  • Creating video increased their overall engagement on social media
  • Not just individuals, but teams were able to create on-brand videos
  • On-brand videos were created for internal communications and external marketing
  • Accessible by all teams, easy to produce video content while on the go and all around the world

Some Quick & Simple Stats

With Lumen5, Cisco has scaled their thought leadership, been able to share their insights to a larger audience, and win new business opportunities.

  • 23% more engagement per post compared to stock photos
  • Video production turnaround times reduced from days to under 5 minutes
  • Increased video views on social media
  • Lower production costs and higher video creation output