• April 23, 2024

The average human processes video 60,000 times faster than text. This means that if you want your message to be received the right way, your video should contain the crème de la crème of media. To help you access the very best images and video, we’re super excited to announce that Lumen5 has formed an exclusive partnership with Shutterstock 🎉

This alliance gives our beloved customers access to significantly more media overall than before. Premium customers and above will have access to 4 times more unlimited media. Business and Enterprise customers will see the number of images and videos in the marketplace triple.

Our partnership also means that our Business and Enterprise customers will get access to higher-quality, exclusive media.

Now then, we’re sure you have questions, so we’ve put together a handy FAQ that should help answer them below. If you’re still pondering a few things after reading the below, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 


Why Shutterstock?

We feel that Shutterstock offers the very best high-quality and quantity of stock media options for our customers who are on a Business or Enterprise plan. 

How much of the Shutterstock collection will be available?

Note that as you progress to higher-tier plans, you get all of the media from the lower tier plans as well.

On a Community or Starter plan and want to upgrade? Book a Demo to see how our Business or Enterprise plan can work for you.

Is there a limit on media usage? 

We’re expanding our unlimited-to-use media library (available to Premium users and above) from 1 million videos to 4 million videos and 16 million images.

Business plan users get 25 assets per month to use towards the full Shutterstock collection of 16 million videos and 300 million images. Need even more assets? Contact our team, and we can help set you up with a custom plan.

What about my existing videos that contain Getty media?

You’ll be able to download and edit existing videos that contain Getty images and videos. This media will no longer be available via search, however.

What about my published videos?

All media from published videos, recently created drafts, and favorites will continue to be available to you.

How much would it cost for me to get the media from Shutterstock directly?

Shutterstock has a $199 subscription for 20 video clips per month. 

Why is there a Shutterstock watermark?

Shutterstock media in the creator will have a watermark on it. Once you publish and download your video, those watermarks will be removed.

Still got a burning question you need answers to? Contact our support team.