• April 22, 2024

If you work in marketing, then you probably already know that you should be creating more video content. But like many, you probably struggle because it’s hard to come up with new video ideas every single day. I prepared this video to help you overcome that challenge. As you can see on my YouTube channel and social profiles, I post video content every single day. So I’ve come to share with you my tips and tricks on how to never run out of video content ideas.

The first idea I have for you is to create a video on what you’re working on.

What are you thinking about? What are the problems that you’re trying to solve these days? And you’ll find that this type of content can actually be really engaging, turning on a camera, talking about a problem that you’re trying to solve, things that you’re learning along the way. This type of video content tends to facilitate discussions, people can’t help but to contribute to help you solve your problems, throw in ideas and interact with your content, and it’s an easy idea to execute because we’re always working on something. And since you’ll never run out of problems to solve, you’ll never run out of video content.

The second idea I have for you is to share a learning.

Many of us are self learners. We’re reading blogs, attending webinars. So go and take your number one learning of the week and create a piece of video content about that key learning the sharing of knowledge is the foundation of social media and you’ll find that your audience will probably appreciate you for sharing those learning so that they don’t have to go read that blog post or to attend that webinar. Being a thought leader in a space doesn’t mean that you need to come up with unique perspectives every single day, just be a synthesizer of knowledge, and if you consistently share your valuable learnings, people will surely follow.

The third video idea I have for you is to spotlight someone else.

If someone on your network published a great article, create a video about their article, send traffic to them. Spotlight what there is to learn from this person. And again, we’re looking for video ideas that we can publish every single day, and there’s no shortage of people publishing great work out there. And that also helps you build a friendly presence that’s not just about you, you, you all the time, help spotlight and elevate others through your video content.

And the fourth idea I have for you is to share your own workflow.

Create video content about how you do the work that you do. As we progress in our careers, we all develop unique ways of doing things. Maybe you use a specific email client that makes you super productive. Maybe you found a note taking app that makes you really good at prioritization, well, hop on camera and share your tips and tricks on how you stay productive. And I think you’ll find that people really appreciate it when you share the things that makes you effective.

Idea number 5, share your opinion or perspective on something that’s happening in the world or in the industry, there’s always something new happening in every industry.

So use video to break the news to your audience and add to that by giving your perspective on that turn of event. Let’s say you’re in real estate and market prices are going down, you can hop on camera and talk about it. What do you think is happening? What is your analysis? There is so much noise on the internet and we look to our influencers and thought leaders to help us make sense of all that’s happening out there in the world.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. That’s five ideas on how you can never run out of video content topics. And now I challenge you to make a video tomorrow and with all of these ideas you have no excuse not to do it. Hopefully you found this helpful and I’ll see you in the next video.