• April 22, 2024

Thought leadership?.. Recession proof? 🤔💭 I know, I get it. Lots of questions and no answers. With the recession around the corner, B2B is hit first as 70% of the economy is B2B. And at least 80% of companies are rushing to cut budget and resources in marketing – how sad! But that’s actually wrong.


While others leave the space they once occupied, take this chance to fill the gap and make yourself known! 57% of buyers say that thought leadership builds up awareness for a new or little-known brand.

Instead of becoming part of the echo chamber or just another voice, provide content that dives deeper, allowing your audience to get to the nitty-gritty of things and understand the real problem. Help your audience better understand what’s going on by analyzing the current situation, provide facts and stats, along with some actionable items and key takeaways.

If someone disagrees with you, that is fantastic. That’s like best-case scenario: Lean into it, have the debate, have the conversation. As long as it’s polite, who cares?

Mark Ruffan, Founder of Content Callout and Negotiations Ninja on Supercharge Marketing Podcast

Don’t be afraid to stand out and give some of your own hot takes. (or have others provide theirs too!) Chances are, others feel the same way! Solid thought leadership can massively improve how decision-makers perceive your business, and yes, 88% of them agree! Not to mention, more than 60% of C-level execs said they were more willing to pay a premium to companies that create thought leadership with a clear vision.

Reliability: Staying present in the space – keep your audience engaged with what matters!

During this time of uncertainty, many customers and even other companies are looking for some sort of direction. With facts changing and new stats coming out left and right, this is the perfect opportunity to become a reliable source of information for your audience.


58% of decision makers say they choose a business based on their thought leadership. And by releasing content on a regular basis during an ever-changing situation, such as a recession, this can reflect highly upon and position your company as reliable and stable – something decision makers look for. Not only to decision makers, but also to other audiences who are looking for direction.

As an expert in the space, everyone will turn to you for guidance. By creating engaging content that not only resonates but also addresses their main concerns AND is backed with data and analytics, can inform and help your audience make purchase decisions based on the actual truth. Or, lead them to their own new conclusions and understanding. Either way, it’s a win-win – you gain your audience’s trust and respect.

Intimacy: Create and stabilize concrete relationships – give and spread some lots of TLC!

Just like dating, it can’t just be a one-sided conversation. Ask questions and prompts that encourage your audience to engage and respond truthfully. Opening up a safe and inviting space for genuine and authentic conversations shows your brand truly cares, listens, and is interested.

But remember – different platforms have different purposes, which can dictate how we interact. Start building great rapport, by providing more than one touchpoint. This encourages the conversation and engagement to live beyond individual platforms, moving from a surface-level connection to a more organic and mature relationship.

By listening to their unique experiences and perspectives, thought leadership content can easily be built around topics that resonate and add value – beyond what the survey says they’re interested in. (Ha, get it?)


Additionally, by adding faces to names or voices to names, thought leaders can create an emotional connection with their audience. Studies show that customers who have an emotional relationship with a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value and will likely recommend the company at a rate of 71% – much higher than the average rate of 45%. Continue to engage through thought leadership and be you – get creative with it!

Doubling down on your content strategy and outreach can create new growth for your brand. The space that once was occupied by someone else, is now occupied by you! But all you need is a lotta TLC. Yes – meaning: tender loving care and Thought Leadership Content.