• June 26, 2022

Smart business owners understand the importance of video marketing in their campaigns. Video is a rich visual tool that can share any message and is one of the fastest ways to communicate with an audience.

According to Hubspot, 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and 92% of marketers who use video say it’s an integral part of their marketing strategy. In an already-too-crowded space, marketers need to stand out. This is where voiceover can help.

What is a voiceover?

A voiceover is a person who speaks off-screen and adds a voice to a video clip. They describe, detail, or explain what’s happening in the video. Voiceover is similar to narration, but voiceover tends to be less story-centric. Check out the examples below for more detail on narration vs voiceover. 

Morgan Freeman providing narration to the Shawshank Redemption.

Voiceover for a 2020 Nike advert

The benefits of voiceover for video

When it comes to creating thumb-stopping marketing videos, adding a voiceover can yield significant benefits for any business, brand, or creative who’s looking to take their video marketing game to the next level. 

Personalize your marketing

Voiceover instantly adds a personal touch to your marketing content. Whether you’re attempting to give your video content a fun, exciting tone or a more serious theme, voiceover allows you to fully personalize your video and ensure that you hit the right note with your messaging every time.

Build trust with your audience

We’ve been listening to people talk to us… forever! Whether that’s in person, on the radio, television, or on a movie screen. As humans, we’re completely immersed in hearing voices. This means that we also trust them. Therefore, adding voiceover to your marketing video is a great way to build trust and credibility with your audience.

Drive customer action

Having an audible call-to-action (CTA) is a great way to encourage your audience to take the desired action. By having your CTA spoken out loud, this audio nudge is likely to lead your potential customer to fill in a form, click-through to more content, or visit your website.

Familiarity wins, every time

Using the same, familiar voice in your video content will make your video instantly recognizable as your own. Think of the way that the BBC has cleverly positioned the voice of David Attenborough as being synonymous with nature documentaries. Every time you hear his voice, you’re transported to a jungle, a rocky terrain, or dusty outback. The power and familiarity of his voice is essentially used as a clever marketing tool. You can do the same for your business by using the same voice for your marketing videos. 

Create emotion

Adding a voiceover to a video creates emotion and is a memorable way to engage your audience. Think of the many movies that have used voiceover to elicit feelings. Everyone remembers the Star Wars voice, right? That’s because a human voice can connect with a human on a deeper level — more than just words on a page can.

How to record a voiceover in Lumen5

To record a voiceover using Lumen5, you’ll need a couple of tools before you can begin. 

  • A microphone. The one built into your computer is a great beginner’s tool!
  • A voice. You can use your own or hire a professional voice actor. 
  • A Lumen5 account. Sign up or sign in.

You’ll need to create a video that you want to add voiceover to first. Once you’ve done that, simply click ‘Record your own voiceover’ on the upper left of your video creation screen.

This will open up a window where you can record your voiceover by clicking the red button underneath your video.