New: Freshen Up Your Video Marketing with Brand New Themes

New: Freshen Up Your Video Marketing with Brand New Themes

The world is fast-paced. Technology evolves, fashion comes and goes, style changes at the drop of a hat. Before you know it, your video approach can seem a little... outdated?

That’s why we’ve introduced eight modern, stylish, and fresh new themes for brands, businesses, and creatives to use and improve their video marketing. Inspired by some of the world’s leading brands, the new themes vary from conservative and professional to quirky and flamboyant. Businesses — no matter their voice, tone, and audience — can find a theme that works for their brand and messaging.

Out with the old, in with the new…

If you’re familiar with Lumen5, you’ll know that themes allow you to keep your branding consistent throughout your whole video. From scene to scene, your video will always have a set theme and so, therefore, will always be on-brand. Simple.

Each theme contains a collection of layouts all styled to match one another and also comes with five colour palettes to choose from. Premium, Business, and Enterprise users can personalize the look of their video with custom fonts and colours.



Previously, themes were designed before we had features like two-tier text, text sizing, layouts, background colours, gradients, or colour overlays. This led to themes evolving organically, rather than being designed holistically. Additionally, many of our previous themes shared a similar layout, which had a tendency to make them feel too similar. Each new theme has a unique look and feel, creating a better visual distinction.

Better branding, better business

We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to jam-pack our new themes full of features that will help you to communicate your brand and share your message like never before. 

New Transitions

Each new theme has a custom transition to match its aesthetic, for example, themes using circles will have a circle transition and themes with a skewed rectangle use a skewed rectangle transition. We're also using the transitions sparingly and only when going between different layouts. Transitions between full-bleed media will be hard cuts as this makes for a cleaner, more professional-looking video.


New Layouts

Every new theme has a brand new set of layouts, each with its own unique motif. We’ve created everything from skewed rectangles and chevrons, to borders and circles.


New Colour Palettes

A selection of our new themes has contemporary design elements such as gradients and two-tone backgrounds.


New Graphic Styles

For the first time, we've combined bars with underlines, and boxes with lines. This gives the text styling more visual flair while maintaining good legibility.


So, what are you waiting for? Login to your account and elevate your video marketing with our new range of professional themes.