• April 23, 2024

When the going gets tough, brand marketing usually gets booted right out of the marketing strategy. Which is the opposite of what you should do. It’s crucial to focus on the platforms that you believe will yield the highest return. For some, this may be Facebook, while for others it may be TikTok or LinkedIn.

For The Attention Seeker, the New Zealand-based agency, they went all-in on personal brand on LinkedIn that grew their business to where it is today. But after making the shift to video and TikTok, Stanley Henry saw its branding potential and has never looked back.

“You’re silly not to do video but you need to be on the right platform to do it. On TikTok, you have to do video. Your ability to talk to millions of people in a very short amount of time is unmatched anywhere else, in any other way, in the more organic way.”

Stanley Henry, CEO of The Attention Seeker on the Supercharge Marketing Podcast

In this episode of Supercharge Marketing, our host, Pius Chan, digs deep into brand-building through video with Stanley Henry, entrepreneur and founder of The Attention Seeker, a New Zealand-based agency that builds engaged audiences through organic content.

About Stanley Henry

Stanley Henry is the founder and Managing Director of The Attention Seeker, a New Zealand-based agency that builds brand through organic content. They work in both personal and business branding, focusing on TikTok and Linkedin.


One major theme that Pius and Stanley touch upon is content strategy through video. A huge thing to consider is “What’s the mindset of the person on the platform and what are they looking for?”

As long as your strategies are right, right content, right platform, right time – you’ll get revenue. Video is a necessity, but you need to be doing it on the right platform. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels – video is unparalleled in organic reach and is vital in building a long-term, revenue-generating brand.

Stanley Henry, CEO of The Attention Seeker on the Supercharge Marketing Podcast

Stanley also shares how to produce content consistently, testing and trial-ing – until your team finds the one that works, whether that’s fan acquisition or fan service content. But if the content is not true to who you actually are, then it shouldn’t be your brand. And if you can’t live it out every day, you can’t be that brand every day.

What will you learn:

  • How to brand yourself and brand your company separately
  • Why TikTok is the best platform and has the highest ROI on video
  • Why being true to your brand matters the most
  • Why “fan service” and “fan acquisition” content plays a huge role in video success

Why should you care?

  • “Going viral” is not easy and takes trial and error
  • Video is a necessity these days to succeed as a brand
  • The mindset of your audience on that platform determines the content they’re looking for
  • As long as your strategy is right, you’ll see revenue from video

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