4 Helpful Benefits of Video When You’ve Suddenly Taken Your Business Online

4 Helpful Benefits of Video When You’ve Suddenly Taken Your Business Online

It goes without saying that there’s been a lot happening in the world of late. The impact of COVID-19 is felt across the globe, and business owners are (quite rightly) pivoting their operations to online as bricks and mortar stores, services, and offices close. 

During the pandemic, video has become the go-to resource to help business owners, brands, and creatives share their message and communicate with their audience. No matter if you’re an individual running a freelance business or a global corporation, video can help you to connect with customers, strengthen relationships, and improve communication.

1. Promote your business

Many businesses, especially those involved in the restaurant, bar, and fitness industry, have had to make the move to being an online-first operation quickly. As employees grapple with working from home for the first time and bricks and mortar stores close their doors, the time is ripe for industries to make video a key part of their new marketing strategy

Use video to promote your business on social channels and communicate your “new normal” to your customers. For example, you can create a video that details your new takeout or delivery service, your physical distancing plans, different opening hours, or communicate what your business has been doing during lockdown. 

Learn how Blue Apron put plans in place to meet higher demand for its meal-kit delivery service.

2. Connect with your customers

Chances are they miss you just as much as you miss them. Video content will allow you to stay connected with your customer base. For example, you could create a 30 second Facebook video that shares your business story, explains why you started your business, explores your motivations, and details why you’re passionate about your product or service.

Social media video services such as Instagram Live are also fantastic ways to connect with your customer base. Depending on your operation, there might be an opportunity for a Live Q&A or Ask Me Anything (AMA) session that will help keep your customers interested and engaged with your business.

3. Position yourself as the go-to expert

Due to COVID-19, a lot of things we usually rely on others to do for us, we have to learn to do ourselves. For example, in March 2020, searches for “how to cut your own hair” increased by over 730% worldwide. This signals a golden opportunity for hairstylists and salons to create how-to videos and position themselves as a highly valuable resource for their customer base. Pass me the scissors.

Creating how-to and explainer videos is a great way to showcase your skills and expertise, and let your customers know that you’re still there for them virtually, even if you can’t be physically.

A great example of a "how-to" video from the team at Like Mind Media, based in England.

4. Advertise, advertise, advertise 

Unsurprisingly, traditional ad spend is decreasing due to COVID-19. Billboards, in particular, are feeling the impact and have seen the sharpest downturn — why would your company invest in placing an advert on transit if no one is taking the bus or visiting Times Square? Video can help you beat this downward trend by injecting a much-needed life-force into your advertising. With more people than ever staying at home, video is becoming one of the main ways to get your business in front of customers. 

Making the transition to taking your business online or having to connect with your customer base in a new way can be daunting. We’re here to help. Join Lumen5 to start creating the videos you need to help support your business. Our community plan is free and allows you to create 5 videos per month.