Why Is Video So Effective For Social Media?

Did you know that there has been a rise in the use of social videos for online marketing? According to experts, many entrepreneurs are starting to take advantage of posting videos in the digital world to connect to their target market.

As a matter of fact, statistics show that there has been a growth in the popularity of video over the years. In the past two years, Youtube recorded an increase of 99% uploaded videos, and Facebook reported 258% increase in video posts.

Even on Twitter, a tweet containing a video is 6x more likely to be liked and retweeted compared to a post with only text or photo. As such, it is proper to conclude that video content has become a valuable tool when it comes to digital advertising.

In this article, we are going to explain the top reasons why video holds a record of being effective for social media. Here are the things that you need to know:

It Is Perfect For Mobile Users

One of the most important concepts that you have to understand is the fact that videos and smartphones go hand in hand. A recent study shows that more than 90% of consumers check online videos through the use of their mobile phones. Since the number of mobile users keeps on growing, it is safe to say that videos are becoming popular to many people. Needless to say, video marketing has become an effective tool for reaching out to your target audience.

It Affects People

What makes video content more appealing to the public is the fact that it has a unique effect on several people. Take note that many persons are visual, which means that they offer a more positive response when they see a visual content. However, this does not mean that words are not significant because the truth is that it can still affect the way a person feels. Engaging videos coupled with a powerful caption can lead to social media marketing success.


It Encourages Social Shares

The best part about promoting social videos is it can be easy to share across different channels. Since it can appeal easily to people, the viewers would feel it natural just to share the videos with their online followers. As a result, your brand would get more exposure. The higher the reach is, the more beneficial it is for your business. As such, the goal is to see to it that you have engaging videos to inspire many people to keep on clicking the “share” button.

Videos are convincing when it comes to raising brand awareness. This is the primary reason why creating compelling video content can spike up the sales for your business. With this kind of material, you will not appear trying too hard to promote all your products or services. Keep in mind that photos and texts do not ignite the emotions of people unlike what videos do. Give your brand the kind of promotion that it deserves. Jump on the bandwagon now and embrace social videos for your digital marketing needs.

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